Preparing to go on holiday can be stressful and it may seem like you have a million and one things to remember. Here’s a little checklist of things you need to check before you set off on your grand adventure.

Is Your Passport in Date?

Never mind remembering your passport, you need to check it’s on date first! With an out-of-date passport in-hand, you can kiss your holiday goodbye. The passport office takes a certain amount of time to process all applications. If you need to renew your passport make sure you leave plenty of time to do so, although there are rush options if you have left it just a little bit too late.

Also, check whether the country you are going to requires a certain amount of space for its stamp. Even if you don’t need a Visa, you may still get your passport stamped. Make sure your passport fits the requirements so you aren’t turned away at the border.

Does Your Bank Know You are Travelling?

Is there anything that makes your gut drop like a failed card transaction abroad? Don’t put yourself at risk of getting your card blocked for suspicious activity. A quick call to your bank with your travel plans will ensure they know exactly when and where you are likely to be.

Are All Your Bills Paid?

Make sure any bills that are due while you are away are either set up with a direct debit or paid in advance before you leave. When you arrive home relaxed from your holiday, you need to make sure that there will be no cut-off electricity or angry letters from the council waiting to greet you.

Do You Need an Adaptor?

Adaptors frequently top the list of things forgotten when packing. Although they can be bought at airports in an emergency, you really don’t want to be coming home with a new adapter every time you come home from the airport.

Do You Have Space for Souvenirs?

People always forget to leave a little space in their suitcase for their holiday purchases. Make sure you have room or prepare to do some serious squishing to fit everything in on your return. An easy way to save space is to wear your bulkiest clothes to the airport and make sure to have a spare set in your carry-on in the unlikely even your suitcase gets lost.

How are You Getting to the Airport?

No matter where you are hoping to end up, you need to consider how to get there first. Finding the best flight can be a time-consuming process and you may not have even begun to wonder how you will make it to the airport in the first place. Will, you drive yourself and face expensive parking fees? Will you risk public transport? You can avoid both by booking a private transfer service like minibus hire Bicester based.

They can pick you up at your house and deliver you right to the Departure Terminal with no hassle whatsoever.

No matter how many people you are planning to travel with, private transfers can handle it. Hiring a minibus for a hen-do from Bicester, or a football team from Brighton has never been easier.


Published by Zachary McGavin