Who is ready for the weekend already? I know I am! Even though it is only Monday.  This weekend calls for a girls weekend, and this weekend will take place in Lake Tahoe! It will be full of hikes, exploring, boating, and many selfies and photos! *insert appropriate emoji*. Before I can get excited about all of this I must pack! Tahoe weather is really warm but at night it gets freezing cold.  That just means I will need endless options! 

1. HIKING AND EXPLORING: I packed my favorite black cropped Lululemon pants.  The material is breathable and comfy.  I paired it with a plain lightweight Brandy Melville tee and tied my Lululemon jacket.  The jacket is water resistant and reversible.  I threw on my light grey hat from Brandy to protect my face from the beaming sun. 


2. Day On The Lake: I have two outfits, depending on who we go on the boat with.  Dress to impress or dress for comfort.  Dress to impress entails black high waisted shorts, my favorite bikini top, and a lightweight light light tan kimono.  The kimono sweater will keep me warm after being in the lake.  My other option is to wear a light zip up jacket over my bikini and comfy black shorts.  I also threw on my blue 'California' hat and sunglasses to protect my face from the sun. 


3. Night Out: It is freezing outside and I mean freezing.  So for my night time outfit, I paired my favorite TopShop distressed jeans with my favorite black faux leather jacket.  Underneath I will wear a grey or white tee and a zip-up jacket to layer. It will be paired with my black booties.  Although if we go to the lake or on a walk at night, all that goes out the window and I will be wearing leggings, converse, and layering my black leather jacket, because comfort. 

I am beyond excited to have a girls weekend.  It will be eventful and I am excited to report back to you guys!
What are your plans for the weekend? What will you be your weekend outfit

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Published by Lauren Emi