"Don't forget to smell the roses" is a pretty popular saying. Generally it means, don't get too wrapped up in what you're doing or where you're going to take a minute and appreciate the beauty on your way. Perhaps the creator of this phrase had to walk through a beautiful park to get to work every day, but did so in such a hurry she was quite literally forgetting to stop and smell the roses on her way. Regardless of what your "roses" are, life is without a doubt, more enjoyable if you pause to enjoy them. 

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing, let out a big sigh, and appreciated whatever was around you? This is a habit I've been building recently and it truly is one of life's simple pleasures. My "roses" are the people (or animals) around me. I'm not sure whether to credit getting older or the trials of this summer, but suddenly I can't help but sigh in awe at the beautiful people in my life. My family, friends, and coworkers are the most encouraging people I know. The little things they do to show their support really go a long way.

Imagine what the world could be if everyone would just take a moment out of their busy days to be grateful for the positive people or things around them. Rather than letting the hate stew, if we break it up with some gratitude, individuals might actually start to think of an action's impact on others before following through with it.

These changes can be small and still make an impact. Seconds of appreciation are little seeds of thoughtfulness. Realizing the beauty of where you live may lead to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle,  acknowledging a helpful gesture of a coworker will likely cause you to pay it forward. 

So what are your "roses?" Have you taken a moment to appreciate them today?

Published by Ericca