The interesting thing about the bible is, there is so much to learn in every verse. Jesus doesn't talk too much- this has been evident in all situations recorded in the bible, He doesn't engage in long winded, complex conversations. Jesus only says what is necessary, a prime example of this is in John 13:36-38

I believe that is what the bible means when it talks about our words being seasoned with salt (Col 4:6). See, salt preserves, so you don't need to use too much? If your words are like salt they hold weight, so you won't need to say too much. You will only say that which is necessary and it will have immediate effect.

On the other hand there is Peter. He talked way too much and way too quickly. He denied Jesus many times. He didn't consider what he said before he said it. But Jesus considered it for him in John.

Father help me to only say what is necessary for the time and not too much or too little- that I don't engage with people the way I should.

Published by Tolu Ajayi