Don't hire the artist when you expect the athlete! And definitely do not hire an athlete when you need an artist!
People have different natures and various talents. These talents control one's personality and define one's optimal path in life. Some jobs require certain set of skills and a predefined character to fit. For example, some jobs require good deal of artistic spirit to be able to be creative. Some other jobs need those who can handle stress and finish the job quickly.

Most of the time people overlook the nature of those they hire. Sometimes they hire an artist and expect him to finish the designated task as an athlete, or vise versa. It simply does not work that way. Both of them feel frustrated after a while. The manager for not getting the work done, and the employee for not being appreciated and always under performing.

Study well who you work with to plan their lifestyle. You need more than just a person in the team. It is a whole set of thoughts, characteristics, ideas, feelings and preferences that you deal with. You hire a whole person, so choose wise what you ask for.

Published by Abeer Ghander