Alright so you wouldn't think I would have to speak on this topic, but again.. some people just don't get it and for those of you struggling with weight issues, no matter what the issue is, it really isn't anyone's business unless you choose to make it their business and want their advice, tips, help, commentary, etc. Some people are happy with their weight and others might not be happy with their weight, regardless of what we think, it really isn't right to make light of other people's flaws (especially weight, among other things). I feel as though, even though I want to help people stay in shape, lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, etc.. I never want to have to make someone feel less than because of their weight or battle. I know some people will think this is bullshit because we should not want someone obese walking around thinking it is okay to be obese, I get it.. it angers you and you want them to take their health seriously. Fine, I will side with you, yes.. I want people to be confident and healthy too! but lets find a better way to make it so we aren't blatantly making them feel lowly than they already do. How about instead of making side comments, laughing, pointing and even allowing our children to make comments about someone's weight; we grow up and find a solution that better suits their needs. The LAST thing they need is another person to tell them what they already know and guess what? they sure the hell don't want to hear it from someone who is considered "in shape" with a bag ego and scum personality. 

The ones who want our help, or need help.. will either seek it or find a way, and the ones who don't give a flying care or don't want help will stay complacent, allow them to make their own decisions.  As a matter of fact, be their go to friend, their motivation and their cheerleader, teach, give them encouragement and surround them with love.  If you want them to see changes and make positive changes, you have to be willing to be patient and help guide them not force them or put them down. Like I said previously in my last blog post, if someone doesn't want it, then I am not going to waste my time with them because they have to want it to get it. 


The problem these days is, we judge a person by their weight before getting to know their story. Who knows what made them go down the path they went down, who can tell them they had no right to take that path when you don't honestly know how they felt at the time.  People have weight issues for various reasons, I mean I can list at least 10 reasons off the top of my head.  As mankind we have the power to either make someone feel good about themselves or make someone feel like shit, we hold the key to some people's moods, mentality, and sometimes we can control how they perceive themselves with words alone. I think we are all guilty of making judgement, even myself included; we have all passed judgement on someone who may have been different then ourselves without truly knowing who they are or what they are about. It is called being human, but it doesn't make it okay to call someone a fatass or to point out that someone has an eating disorder and needs a burger. I mean come on people, would you want someone picking on your family member or friend? if not, then why are some of you choosing to do it? save that answer for the comment section.  If you are someone who loves cracking jokes at people's well-being, shame on you and grow up. If you are someone who is battling weight issues, please know there are people who care and want to either be there to help you through it or be there to give you incentive to strive for what you want. "We all have skeletons in our closets, some of us have more than others; just because someone can close their closet door doesn't mean they can hide all their problems"-Shay-lon; take this quote as you wish. 


As a closing, I just want to say if you are someone who can relate to this post, leave a comment or message me, or contact me anyway you feel comfortable, I would love to hear from you & hopefully you can find comfort in talking with me and sharing your story. I always enjoy feedback, whether it is positive or negative and if someone disagrees with me, also never be afraid to leave a comment.. letting me know why and how you feel about the matter. 

Thank you for reading!


Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

Published by Shay-Lon Moss