Yes! Being now 21 years old people have often mistaken my kindness for weakness which to be honest has been quite annoying over the years. When I say people I mean everybody from family, friends to acquaintances and even strangers who assume I can`t stand up for myself, because of how nice and kind I am. But why can`t people be nice and not so opinionated at the same time? Of course I have strong opinions, but I`m not always vocal about it, so when people are rude to me others don`t understand why I don`t kick back. Don`t get me wrong I have a strong tolerance for a lot of crap and there is not much that can crack this shell, but when something does that wont make me automatically jump in rage. I just take the high road, and take everything people say and do with a grain of salt.

A good example of when people misunderstand my kindness is when often friends can`t picture me being strict with kids at the schools I work at. I have been working as a substitue teacher for almost two years, and when I first started I actually had a severe case of social anxiety and depression. I myself was a little hesitant at first because I was scared of not being able to talk in front of a big class. It obviously went well and my strict side always came up at the right times, meaning whenever it was needed. My friends assumed I would be too nice and that the kids would take advantage of that, but I proved them wrong, I proved everyone wrong. I explained later that people should never mistake someone`s kindness for something that would make them seem as weak. I am nice, but I can also be mean I just choose not to. That shows I have mastered the art of having several social roles and by that I mean having different sides and versions of yourself with different people. So for example how I am with one group of friends I may not be exactly like with another group of friends. That for some people may come of as me being fake when in actuality it`s not. I just now how to adapt myself to all the different kinds of people in my life.

Do you relate?

- Sofia

Published by Sofia Abdule