I'm a pretty laid back person. Not a lot really bother's or irks me. There are some weird little things that annoy me though. They are ridiculous that they bother me really. Are there any little things that get under your skin that are kind of ridiculous?  Comment below if so.

One thing that bother's me is when the toilet paper is put on the holder the wrong way. I always turn it around even if I'm at someone else's house. It's a problem actually to be honest. It just gets under my skin and festers. If I could get the holder open in public bathrooms (when I use them, gross) I would change them around.

The thing that is really embarrassing  a thing on social media that bother's me. Specifically on Facebook. It just annoys the crap out of me when someone comments on something I post and all they post is a emoji thing. Maybe it's a sticker, but whatever it is drives me crazy! How do I reply to your little cat with hearts as eye's?! I don't know what to do with that! Drives me insane really. I think it's the fact that I click on my little notification thing, then wait for my horrible internet to load just to see that little sticker thing. How do I reply to that little sticker thing? I can't get that time back. I know it's just a couple minutes at the most, but still it just irks me.

Thanks for reading my little bitch session. If you made it this far and have something that irks you comment below and let me know. Maybe me complaining about stupid stuff is what irks me. Let me know.

Oh yea and when I'm watching Food Network and they don't scrape the bowl out very good. Stop being wasteful! I always get a rubber spatula and scrape the bowl out! Silly I know.

Much love!!!


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Published by Jason Howell