As someone with a mental illness, I think I speak for all of us out there when I say that people who don't have mental illnesses need to stop pretending to have one. 

      I'm not sure if pretending to have a mental illness lives on outside of high school because as a high schooler, all I talk to are high schoolers, and a lot of them pretend to have illnesses they don't have and frankly, it's annoying as hell. 

     Mental illnesses are not cool, or cute. Period. Living with a mental illness is like having a rain cloud follow you everywhere, but not knowing when it's going to rain. 

    If you're going to pretend to have an illness at research the dang thing and get the facts straight. I don't have to be hyperventilating and rocking back and forth to be having a panic attack. So when I'm having a panic attack don't say "you aren't having a panic attack" because my chest already feels like it's caving in on itself, I don't need you and your Doc McStuffins illness to make it worse. 

     Your significant other isn't going to cure your "depression". I used quotation marks because "sad" is not the same thing as depressed. Even then, if you actually have been diagnosed with depression, it's not how all the movies go. You won't meet some hot person and suddenly be happy. It's not going to happen. 

    And if I'm in a sharing mood and try to tell you about a situation where my anxiety was literally going to be the death of me, don't tell me I was over reacting. 1) if you have anxiety like you claim to, you'd understand 2) I know I was over reacting, that's kind of what my whole anxiety deal is. I know it was silly, but don't make fun of me for it. 

Okay, that was kind of it. More of a rant than an article, but hey it's something. 

Published by Janet ( theunicornreader )