Okay kids, we need to talk about religion and faith. Or rather, I’ll talk and you listen, and then we can have a constructive discussion. Sounds good? Okay.

So basically, I’ve been thinking a lot. More than usually. And I’ve been thinking about the Universe, God, religion, mental health and how to even word these things to not make me sound crazy. I’ve given up on the last point, because I’m sure that at least one person will want me to go see a doctor, just because I talk to a seemingly nonexistent entity that ‘helps me stay on the right path’. If you don’t know what I mean, just read Tea party with my demons. It’s kinda like that, but also so much more. We good so far? Cool.

(I should probably update that, I’ve been trying to do astral projection and he’s been putting sugar in that tea.)

Throughout my life I’ve dealt with very different people. From extremely religious Christians that tried forcing religion upon me, to extremely atheist friends, that had their own… views. But the topic never really sparked my interest, until I went on a Tinder date and we started talking about what we believe in. I couldn’t really properly word my thoughts and it annoyed THE FUCK out of me, because words are my thing you know.

The problem is, I still can’t really word it. I’ve thought about it, I’ve filed every thought in my brain, I’ve equipped every statement with arguments and examples, but alas, I failed. THANKFULLY (you thought this was over? lol no) I’ve stumbled upon this YouTuber, Koi Fresco. He’s a bae. Go check him out. If you want to know where I stand in my spiritual life, watch his videos. Anyways, he did a really good video on ‘Do I believe in God?‘.

To sum it up for you (I feel the need to write it down), I don’t believe in God in religious way. I believe in Universe. That’s why I say that the Universe is good to me. The Universe likes me for some reason and I don’t want to question it. I just roll with it. And that mentality, that philosophy, faith or belief, whatever you want to call it, brings me peace and calms my mind.

Which brings me to health. Yes, health in general. Health is so much more that physical health. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health in its broader sense in its 1948 constitution as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

And that definition includes religion and belief and faith, because believe it or not, some people need religion to feel fulfilled. Some people need answers and guidance and something to hold on to. And if that’s God, it’s okay. If it’s Allah, it’s okay. If it’s a personal philosophy, it’s okay. It’s valid. There’s nothing wrong with it. You find what works for you and do it.

I already said that I’ve given up on the last point, so I won’t bore you with my demons.

Live and let live <3

Published by Evelyn