Although self-explanatory, for those who don’t know what mean, it’s simple.

Don’t come for me, unless I send for you !

No matter what drama is brought my way,

regardless of if I started it or not


Never judge a book by its cover and NEVER underestimate your opponent, 2 important tips when you dealing with people in the streets. Leaving my problems unresolved is a big NO NO because you never know how mentally sick someone is or how much hate is in their heart until it’s too late. Hate Filled hearts can make even a punk pussy bitch have homicidal thoughts. I was in a relationship with someone who felt he had to kill me in my sleep and I think that’s so crazy, it’s true. I couldn’t sleep for a VERY long time due to all the nightmares I was having of them murdering me.

When I first started blogging, I was going off in a post about this madman, and made a comment saying,

“I’d give someone $100 to manhandle him like he man handles me”

images6and according to the mad man I put a hit out on him! That’s why I deserved to lose my life. This delusional, mentally impaired individual tries convincing me EVERY DAY that he loves me. Claims to be the only person to love me and says I'm losing a really good “friend” UMM nah bruh! If you’re what a friend is, then that’s why I don’t have any.

My friends don’t try killing me. My friends don’t lie to me and my friends don’t use me. My friends don’t try to bring me down, when that doesn’t work try breaking me down and when that doesn’t work just beat me down and drag my ass, making me follow their misdirection. THEN you want me to stroke your nonexistent ego and boost your impaired self-confidence.

. BITCH PLEASE, do I look like your momma hoe?

People ain’t shit nowadays. It’s so sad because the same person who wanted to kill me is the same OBSESSED person who won’t leave me alone today. Ain’t that funny? They thinkimages5 they know me so well they can tell me about myself but in reality, they know nothing about me. They don’t even know themselves.

People mistake me not wanting to leave problems unresolved with me being impatient or wanting to have my way and I don’t see how? I’m impatient when it comes to certain things like my natural hair or popeye’s drive thru. I have zero tolerance for bullshit, excuses, and sorry ass people. What are the odds of  the person who thinks I need to change being the person who’s bullshit I SEE STRAIGHT THROUGH! It seems the only thing they’re good at is pulling excuses, and lies out their ass and never accepting responsibility for their actions.

images8An attempt to calm the vengeful feelings about to take over me, I took a couple deep breaths and was put at ease by a  familiar scent  in the air. I’m ready for someone to try me because I’ve got so much built up, I’m dying to let it out.There’s so much weighing heavily on my heart and even more on my mind, It’s about to drive me straight to the point of no return. I really need to stop holding things inside, but what other options do I really have when I have no friends? LOL My only friend has a real job that kills her, so we hardly talk. Guess I’ll talk to these notepads since these simple minded ass “grown” boys and girls, are nowhere close to being on my level. On a good note, I’ve started writing this book you’ve all heavily encouraged and I can already see this is going to be a VERY long process, longer than I thought. I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m not rushing anything, I’m actually very excited for the experience, but then again I’m not.

Those who have been following me for a while know this, but for those of you who don’t, let me tell you something about me, Whenever I don’t get something, It takes over my mind and thoughts and I become destined on figuring out what I did, what’s going on and what we’ll do to fix it. Out of my mind and out of my life before it drives me insane. I’m starting to hate that about myself. A while ago, I wrote about people caring too much about what other’s had to say and while I kind of feel like I’m caring a little too much,  I could just be being mindful, cautious as to how it could affect my business, my name, my books, my future. I keep getting called a racist and this morning someone said the things I say are “borderline racist”, but couldn’t give me an example. If you can’t go and find an example from ANY blog post, not one thing to support your argument, you have no argument. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD! One of my followers said, after reading EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST, not once did they ever think I was a racist, BECAUSE I’M NOT.

Then I was told to tone it down, wtf is a tone it down? I haven’t even turned up yet! I have images9the right to say, write, and talk about whatever i want! If you don’t like it, DON’T FOLLOW ME AND DON’T READ MY BLOGS, THANK YOU! I’ve said this since the beginning and I sincerely mean it. I’m not going to write, censoring and filtering my work for some little punk pussy bitch’s feelings. Man up, woman up, and suck that shit up. When I write my book, you’re going to get the same Shy that writes these post for you, just a little more creative. My book is my life story, no one is going to tell me how to write it, how to talk to my audience or anything.

If you love me, and you love my blogs, I’m promising you you’ll be infatuated with me after you read it.

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