With the close of mid semester break and trimester two of my first year at university, I’ve had the time to reevaluate where I am in my life at the moment. This time is both a blessing and a curse.The release of my grades meant I will no longer be continuing in the study of law (like I said in the in my last post, I am perfectly okay with it). However, with my B+ grade point average in International Relations and B grade point average in Media Studies I know that’s where I’m strongest which is the arts.

This semester I’m already enrolled in another Media Studies paper along with a Political Science paper to coincide with my international relations from the last semester. I do need to find another two papers which I think I will enjoy (and pass) to complete this semester. So today I went in and spoke to a student advisor who was super helpful in finding me papers which go well with the other parts of my degree! In the end, I chose to do a history paper which focuses on New Zealand History, and another paper in Cultural Anthropology which sounds super fab because it focuses on like the social and cultural diversities in the world!

Another aspect of the past semester which I felt I did well, but can do better is the way I ate and what I ate. I feel like the amount of protein I consumed wasn’t enough, especially towards the end of the semester and on exam break. That aspect is going to be worked on by eating more salmon and almonds etc. Also I’m going to try get myself on a more regular diet and eating healthier than I have been.

I’ve also signed up to my student halls 21 day Challenge with Les Mill on Lambton Quay. Twenty-one days of all access to the gym, a free plan and measurements to help show my progress. I am really looking forward to going because It’s definitely some thing new and different that I haven’t done before – considering I’ve never actually worked out, let alone in a gym. It’s going to be a challenge that’s for sure.

Anyways, that’s kind of where I am currently at. Which is pretty decent really. Tomorrow I’m hoping to buy my books and a laptop case so I can be totally sorted!


K xx

Published by Kyla McLean