Do you remember being a kid and thinking 18 was so old and far away? Everything was big and you were so tiny. Maybe it was too scary of a concept and you downplayed your glory as you grew. Now you're in adulthood looking back at all of your mistakes and trying to fix them. And then you stop yourself and pack on the reasons why you aren't better.

When you're an adult (or an almost adult like I think I am), you keep believing that everyone who is ahead of you is older and wiser. But who are these people, really? I just realized the previous employee in my position was a young college student with professional experience like me. It was like a light bulb flashed over my head enlightening me on such an obvious fact. There's no way to know how she landed this gig but she made a lasting impression. She's in her twenties just like me. So many business owners, executives, creatives and directors who make career moves haven't reached 30. Maybe they're afraid but you can't see it. I want to get on their level.

These people, they're me. They're you. They're your friends and siblings and sorors. I think we get into this mindset that the successful people are aliens sent to Earth to make us feel bad about our mediocre lives. But what if they're here to inspire? To motivate? To cause good envy? (Don't worry, I'll cover that another time.) Isn't that a more plausible idea than a petty otherworldly force dropping multi-talented, hardworking and affluent beings here?

The lesson for today is to push past your internal hesitation and make the leap. Don't stop yourself based off of a notion that isn't even true. Extraordinary things can be done at any age. You have to allow yourself to be great. It's too many things in this world that can and will stop you. Why add to the list?

Published by Evon W