'Ecstasy dealing in London, crack talking in Los Angeles, LSD dropping in Tokyo, heroin smoking in Sofia, cocaine cooking in Medellin, bounty hunting in Manilla, opium taking in Tehran. This is your next fix. This is DOPEWORLD.

DOPEWORLD is a bold and eye-opening exploration into the world of drugs. Taking us on an unforgettable journey around the world, we trace the emergence of psychoactive substances and our relationship with them. Exploring the murky criminal underworld, the author has unparalleled access to drug lords, cartel leaders, hitmen and government officials.

This is a deeply personal journey into the heartland of the war on drugs and the devastating effect it's having on humanity.'

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

This was a fantastic book that is very fitting to the current political situations surrounding drugs.

I really enjoyed seeing the effects of drugs throughout the ages and how countries, their governments and their populations have reacted to drugs and drug users over different generations.

I found it really interesting to see how different countries felt about and dealt with certain types of drug use. It was fascinating to see how people changed their opinions depending on what the government rhetoric was in the country they lived in.

With drug use such a prevalent thing in our society, this book does a fantastic job in breaking down drug use and the real statistics around drugs and crime.

Niko Vorobyov did a fantastic job with this book. The writing was wonderful and easy to follow and it didn't over load the reader with too much information. I will definitely be looking into this subject more using the notes at the end of this book as my base line.

I feel like I genuinely learned more about drugs and drug culture, and I truly believe that everyone could learn something from this book.

Dopeworld by Niko Vorobyov is a must read for everyone.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker