Life can feel pretty shitty and boring sometimes, just drifting along. So what can we do to possibly spice our lives up? Drink, drugs, rock and roll? Maybe not, still constricted  by society these things aren't socially acceptable as well as having bills to pay, family to take care of, partying all week doesn't seem like a possibility. It would be an exciting break from reality wouldn't it? 

Finally, a socially acceptable way for me to accomplish irresponsible impulses, I welcome you BUCKET LIST with open arms. Where to begin, what do I really want to accomplish before I turn 30, 50 or before I die? 

DO - Choose an appropriate time frame. Picking a time frame too close, you feel like you will not be able to tick those lavished experiences off of your list, too far away and you'll leave that list of dreams in the bottom of a draw with your old GCSE notes. For me, at 22 I am going to cap it at 30. 8 years to complete a list, that's pretty scary considering 8 years ago I hadn't had a first kiss, I spent my hours playing sims 2 having the time of my life, pretty cool right?

DON'T - I personally wouldn't recommend adding 'having a family' to the list or 'get a mortgage', that shit is going to happen regardless. A bucket list is there to push you out of your comfort zone, to do impulsive things that you'd never think of doing. Don't worry about people mocking your list, its personal, whatever you thinks important claim it don't let others tell you its childish, write down whatever you want, if it makes you happy, excited to one day complete it, it should be on there.

DO - Keep it short and concise, writing 1000 things... probably not the best idea! Making your list short makes it achievable and you'll be more likely to stick to pursuing it. 

I am thinking of what to put on my bucket list, trying to think of things I really want to do.

I want to blog write for a big company, I want to go to a Reading festival, I want to read 100 books in a year. Travel to somewhere I have never been before. Visit Disneyland Paris. Get my comic books signed. Own a dog, raise money for charity, complete tough mudder. 

Obviously it needs some work, more captivating fun stupid things, I was just throwing down what first popped into my head. I want to do things that remind me that life is worth living, that I can be happy, childish and carefree. By having a bucket list it spices things up, gives you something to look forward too, gain a little win when you tick something off!

DO start a bucket list, DON'T be beat down by life.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt