After little Dot get lost in the bush in outback Australia, an adventure begins. She is rescued by a Kangaroo and given magic berries that allow her to speak to and understand the bush animals. Follow Dot and the Kangaroo as they meet and learn from a huge array of Australian animals.

Filled with wonderful descriptions and beautiful illustrations, Dot and the Kangaroo is truly a beautiful book.

As this book was written in the late 1800's it does have some content that may cause offence when read now. As an adult who knew the publication era of this book before I read it, I wasn't at all put out or offended in any way. I know that this book garnered some criticism when it was released due to its negative stance on human interference in the bush. But as a book written with only a little girl and animals as its characters I'm not sure what people expected. The negativity towards humans didn't bother me one but.

I found myself far more interested in the amazing story and intriguing interactions between Dot and the animals to even care about the undertow of negativity.

I whole heartedly believe that this amazingly magical stories should be read by all children. Although you may want to read it for yourself before reading it to or with your kids, just in case.

Overall Ethel C. Pedley did an amazing job with this book, bringing the world of bush animals into focus and leaving the reader with a smile on their face and a warm fuzzy feeling in their chest.

This is a must read for all Australians.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker