What do you call someone who cares TOO much about what people think or say?
They take everything said to heart & makes decisions regarding their own lives based on the thoughts of others?
 My Baba always says he does right by people because he doesn't want to leave a bad taste in their mouths. He'd always remind us,
"what you do today is all we'll have to remember you by later. You want to be remembered as a good or bad person?"
 I took that to heart & even today it's taken into consideration when dealing with people. I know plenty of people who do the most f'd up stuff to people but then don't understand why they get treated the way they do.
How don't you?
Do you not see the damage you've done?
How do you think you'll be remembered?
Do you even care?
What I hate about people is how they'll shit on you & neglect you, but get mad when you neglect & shit on them.
What makes you so special?
You thought it wouldn't come back around?
Why is it okay for you to do it but it can't be done to you?
Do I care what these people think about me?


It seems those talking about me are usually beneath me, wish they could be me or want me. From what I've seen, the ones who talking the most shit, usually don't even have the right to be talking about someone. They tend to be doing worse than the person they're talking about but would set the city on fire when they're talked about.
Well, why'd they teach us to treat others the way we wanted to be treated?
Can anyone say they're treated the way they treat others?
I've watched the nicest people get straight drugged through the mud & not even offered a hand helping them up by the ones who drug them. Nice people are considered weak & get taken advantage of. I've watched these people get pushed to their limits & snap then get talked about like they never were that nice person in the beginning.
What's so entertaining about gossiping?
People always talk about you when you're doing bad, but when you're doing good no one has anything to say. I find it funny how in bad times, the time to talk about me could be made, but the time to offer me some help couldn't. That's why you have to be PERFECT to talk about me & have me care about what you said, but there's a difference between talking about me & just TALKING SH*T. Talking sh*t is what makes my psycho bitch switch turn on. Either way, I must leave a delicious taste in people's mouths that's why I'm talked about so much, but
What happened to, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?
I know I'd get PISSED if talked about so I wouldn't talk about anyone putting myself in a position to be talked about. That's like having 2 strikes then going to rob a bank across the street from the police station but not wanting to get caught. You do that & everyone will have something to say, ESPECIALLY IF YOU GET CAUGHT.
Why ALL judgement though?
I've heard people talk about the actions of friends or relatives & I never got why no one cares;
No one cares WHY OR HOW THEY CAN HELP, it seems the only concern is having something to talk about. I never understood how you could talk about someone going through something as if everyone doesn't go through shit. Then to pass judgement too, SMH! They say it's your life. You're the one who has to live it so do what makes you happy.
What the hell is being happy?
Can you really be happy when you're so concerned with what everyone else thinks?

Published by ShylahBoss Lee