The seventh, and arguably one of the best James Bond films, saw the return of the actor Sean Connery to the role. Connery had become sick of the attention the role was affording him and he decided to leave to be replaced by George Lazenby. WhilstLazenby had been relatively well received (especially as stepping into some big shoes) he had decided to not continue thinking the series was dead. Connery only came back if he was allowed to green light two other projects that he wanted to make. The whole story revolves around the smuggling of diamonds that are to be used to create a space laser. This laser is then used to destroy Nuclear Missiles around the world so that Spectre can hold the world to ransom with their own developing Nuclear arsenal. There are a lot of diamonds involved in the film but Spectre could have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble without using the smuggling by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd if they had simply chosen to Buy Diamond Rings Online instead with the help of than an embark on a worldwide adventure.

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The film starts with a very angry James Bond whose been given time off work on a leave of absence. The reason is that at the end of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Bonds wife Theresa’s is murdered by Blofeld. Bond tracks the supervillain down to his lair only to be faced with 3 of them. Blofeld has decided to use plastic surgery, and also apparently on his voice to make decoys of the real him. Bond decides to kill all of them to be sure. Bond then has to return to his regular job.

This time his boss M is concerned about diamonds being smuggled out of South Africa and into Amsterdam. M is worried that the price of diamonds is being artificially decreased to cause trouble in the market. It appears that the Russians weren’t up to much in 1971 when the film was made. Bond kills a diamond smuggler and assumes his identity. Tiffany Case, the Bond girl for this particular film is suckered in by Bond and accompanies him with the diamonds to Los Angeles. Bond escapes being cremated in a coffin by Wint and Kidd by the fact that he only has fake diamonds on him. Its one of the most boring escapes that Bond has in the entire series. One minute he’s going to be toast the next minute he’s being asked about fake diamonds.

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There are some very good moments. A brilliant car chase through Las Vegas, Bond being trapped in an underground water tube, an escape from fake moon landing (controversial?) in a moon buggy and his fight with Bambi and Thumper. Still a good watch on a wet Sunday afternoon.


Published by Sunil Pandey