Both Arsenal and Manchester City dished out their best performances in order to thrash their opponents. They didn’t simply play to win; they played with the idea of being remembered and never forgotten.

Sanchez was quick to give Arsenal the lead against Hull when he netted a goal in the 17th minute. The Gunners were then given an extra advantage, when Livermore was sent off in the 40th minute, and they took full advantage of it! Walcott netted Arsenal’s second goal in the 55th minute.


Hull City were later repaid for their misfortune when they earned a penalty and converted it into a goal in the 79th minute. However, from then on, Arsenal refused to hand out any more favours. Instead, they dug Hull a deeper hole.

Sanchez netted the third goal for the Gunners in the 83rd minute and in extra time another goal followed from Xhaka (a new signing). If four goals isn’t something to scream about, what is?

Well… maybe scoring four goals and conceding none calls for an even geater celebration! De Bruyne netted the first goal for Man City in the 15th minute and Bournemouth was soon down by two goals when Iheanacho netted the second in the 25th. Nothing could stop, or even merely slow down, Manchester City!


Two more goals frollowed from Sterling and Gundogan in the 48th and 66th minutes respectively. Nolito was shown a red card in the 86th minute, however, it came too late in the game for it to cause any damage to the winning side. Yet again, City could not be tamed!

Arsenal have surpassed Chelsea this weekend and replaced them at third place on the PL table, whilst Manchester City remains holding top spot. The top teams might have had a few setbacks last season, but, don’t be fooled! They are all proving to be bigger and better versions of themselves this time around!

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Published by Amarachi Orie