For someone who loves Her frozen yoghurt and doughnuts (Donuts?), when I heard that Yochi was doing a collaboration with Doughboy I was in the car ready to go! Unfortunately they were only available for 3 Weekends for a certain time period, so I was very lucky to have made it just in time! I absolutely loved the presentation of this dish! Although I was actually just getting take away for my bro-sis adventure, the lady was kind enough to serve it on a plate before I placed it in a takeaway box! The things we do for photos ey! For the price of $10, you would get an original cinnamon sugar dusted Doughboy doughnut filled with a frozen custard yoghurt filling! Each one comes with a generous amount of raspberry coulis, dark chocolate sauce drizzled on top and a delicious white chocolate popcorn rubble. Although it was a bit pricey, it was definitely worth the try!

See Below for Images photographed by Myself and Click the Link below for more details!

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Address: 194 Faraday Street, Carlton

Published by Kimberley Wong