A few weeks ago I received a Down Under Box from my Aussie as a very special gift. A Down Under box is a box that contains Australian classic treats, as the company carries some of the most popular candy and snacks in Australia. Buyers are given the freedom to select exactly the snacks they want to place inside their box or can simply choose from their default boxes. It is a heartwarming gift, that is perfect for when a loved one is away, like anywhere around the world away, as it is something to remind them of the tastes from home (Australia). Yes, I am not Australian, but the gift, the message on the box, the purpose, it is all quite pleasant!



After I got passed the message, it was time for the unboxing:



My content of my box was customized by my Aussie and contained: a stick Vegemite, 2 Caramello Koalas, a bag of barbecue-flavored Shapes, 1 Wagon Wheels, 1 packet of Tim Tam original, 10 Fantales, 5 Red Skins, 1 Milo, and a small koala figurine.

I have to admit that I am familiar with the Vegemite and the Fantales as he has sent some of them before, yet everything else was quite new to me.





Vegemite has a dark brown color and has the consistency of a paste. It is rich in vitamin B, and its main ingredient is yeast extract. It also claims to be delicious.

Yet, my first impression of it was that it had a very strong “soy” taste, and was very salty. It really wasn’t something I was able to ingest easily the first time around on toast alone since I put quite a lot of Vegemite on it. For this time, my Aussie did suggest to  eat it along with cheese and butter, which I did. I made some toast, put a fine coat of butter, then a coat of Vegemite, and topped it up with a slice of cheese.

I have to say my opinion of the Vegemite did improve after eating it that way. Since then, I have found myself eating more of it and enjoying it.  RATE: 3.5/5





This one, was among my favorite from the box! A Caramello Koala is a koala-shaped chocolate filled with caramel on the inside. Thinking of what chocolate and caramel usually taste like together, and expecting for this to be extremely sweet, I decided to try them. The chocolate melted nicely in my mouth, as both flavors mixed well. Fortunately, and to my surprise, it was not extremely sweet, which is good news for me because I am not a fan of sweets. RATE: 4/5 





The box came with 5 Redskins, but I just had to try some before! At first glance, I assumed they would be bubble gum as they were pink tone, but I was wrong. Redskins are simply a raspberry-flavored taffy. Warning: Redskins are very, very chewy. I believe them to be even more chewy than Laffy Taffy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to consider. Overall, I really did enjoy them. RATE: 4/5


Arnott’s SHAPES:



The next thing that I tried from the box were the Shapes, which are crackers with flavored powder on them. Now, because these were barbecue flavor, I basically had one foot out the door since I really don’t like artificially barbecue flavor things, although I adore barbecue sauce.

Mine were the “new and improved” Shapes, and have to say that they are very delicious! Did some research, and to my understanding the “new and improved” means that they’ve placed an additional coat of flavor to the Shapes, and many people are not happy about it. If  you’re looking for a good artificial barbecue flavor snack, this is not for you. In my opinion, barbecue-flavored Shapes do not taste anything like barbecue or anything I’ve ever tasted before, which is why I ended up loving them and craving for more. RATE: 5/5





From reading the packaging and from what my Aussie had described, I sort of had an idea of what this could possibly taste like since in Mexico we have something similar called Mamut.

A wagon wheel is a chocolate coated cookie that has layers of marshmallow and strawberry jam on the inside. Now, the differences with this one were that the marshmallow coat is thinner and not as sweet, which again, is really good for me. Also, Wagon Wheels have strawberry jam inside while the other does not. The  flavor of it is very pleasant and I would definitely buy them often if they were sold near me. RATE: 4/5 





Fantales are something that I was fortunate of trying months ago and even got a whole bag of them just for myself, although I ended up sharing a couple.

Fantales are caramel covered with chocolate candy. They are also a little chewy, not extremely sweet, and really tasty. Also, I feel I have to mention the packaging, which has trivia questions all over along with the correspondent answer, since I think that is such a groovy detail. I simply love Fantales! RATE: 5/5 


Arnott’s TIM TAM:



Tim Tams are something that I had been eager to taste for more than a year. I’ve seen videos and read comments of people saying that they love Tim Tams and just grew very anxious to see what all the fuss was about. I now understand what the fuss was about, and  have to say they really are amazing!

The chocolate on the outside, the cookie on both, top and bottom, the creamy chocolate on the middle, each layer is all very “on point”. My opinion on the Tim Tam original is pretty solid. Weirdly, even though Tim Tams scream chocolate, overload of sweetness, it all is managed really well. They don’t have a crazy amount of sweetness and really are delicious. I do recommend you to try them out for yourself, maybe even do the Tim Tam slam! RATE: 5/5 


Nestlé’s MILO: 



This is the only item on the box that took me a while to finally taste. Milo, is a chocolate-flavored powder mix that is to be stirred as desired and it’s really good with cold or warm milk. Although it is said to taste good with warm or cold water as well, for me chocolate with water just don’t go hand in hand. My first thought about it was, “Australian Nesquik”? but apparently, Milo was created and launched a couple of years before Nesquik.

When I tried it, I decided to leave tiny bits of the mix undissolved, as advised by my Aussie. This apparently gives a little crunch to the drink…and it really did! Overall, Milo had neither a too over-the-top nor a weak chocolate flavor, but a very subtle chocolate taste which, in my opinion, is really good. RATE: 4/5


Final Thoughts: 


To my liking, everything was superb! Some of the items on the box completely surpassed  any expectation that I might have had after reading the descriptions on the wrappers. If I had to name favorites, they would have to be the Shapes and Tim Tam. According to the Down Under Box website, not only are they a convenient way of sending Australian treats around the world, but they also claim to carry some of the best in Australia. Now, I certainly have not tasted a quarter of the things Australia has to offer, but I highly recommend each and every one of the items inside this box. RATE: 4.5/5

Thanks to my Aussie, the Down Under Box gave me an idea of what are some of the amazing things the mates down in Australia posses. It simply felt like a cozy hug from my Aussie!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Down Under box, you can visit their website here: https://www.downunderbox.com.au/

**This post previously appeared in my personal blog Simply.Fernanda.



Published by Fernanda Guevara