Looking into yoga retreats in South East Asia and coming across quite a few but where do you begin, As I'm a beginner to this I feel very intimidated by the lengths of some of the classes and what they may have in store for my poor inflexible body.

Here is one of the ones that me and my girlfriend have been looking at https://www.hariharalaya.com/ , it looks amazing and very tranquil but the classes sound very intense and long. Has anyone that reads this ever been to this place or knows of another place that is just as good/nice around the same area or in another part of South East Asia?

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I used to do yoga as a young child with my mum and my gran but for unknown reasons this stopped at around the age of 11 and I tried it again a few years ago but with much difficulty haha. When I last tried it I was in Spain and the classes were held as part of a surf camp that I was at, The classes were good but I on the other hand ended up with my leg stuck in a fence panel and the whole class looking at me like I was in the wrong place sooo I headed for the bar alone.

I also tried again when I got back to London but half way into the classes I had book my wrists started to hurt quite badly. I had broken my wrists a couple of times coming off my skateboard but I asked the teach what I was doing wrong. Unfortunately she just told me I wasn't doing it right and gave me no help or advice on how to correct my mistakes so this put me off and yet again I left.

Now though I feel is the time to really put my heart into yoga and learn how to treat my body with the respect that it deserves and to also help me with my surfing along this trip, Yoga will also help me mentally along the way keeping anxiety and depression at bay and showing me my thoughts a lot clearer.

So if anyone has any advice or guidance into where I can go to learn or how I can start to prepare myself now that would be greatly appreciated. You can either contact me on here or follow me on instagram and twitter @Amermanstale.

Hope to hear from some of you,

Peace, love and light. 

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