Drain cleaning is one of the most important jobs that people entrust plumbers with. Choking of drains can happen old due to unwanted materials find its way into the drains either due to negligence or bad habits of the residents besides some natural causes. Being careful about what we send down the drain can prevent or reduce the occurrence, but often the task seems easier said than done. Besides unwanted materials going into drains another reason for drain clogging is the quality of water. When water contains excess particulate matters that are insoluble in the water like iron and other metals, it creates a sludge that settles at various places in the pipeline and blocks it. The sludge remains stationary and gradually forms a solid mass that restricts the flow of water and finally blocks drains.

Limitations of traditional drain cleaning method

Today, any plumber Long Beach use modern methods of cleaning drains to clear blocks. These methods are entirely different from the old school method of using a snake or a long flexible wire to clean drains. The snake is useful in moving along the length of the pipeline and pushes the blocked mass down for flushing it out with water. However, cleaning drains by using snakes can often puncture pipes and create more problems especially when trying very hard to remove some stubborn blocks. Moreover, the method does not help to prevent clogging in the future.

To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional method of drain cleaning, plumbers are using modern techniques that are more effective. Hydro jetting and power rodding are such methods that use technology for cleaning drains.

Hydro Jetting

In this method, plumbers use water only for removing blockages inside pipes that clean the inside surface too. The plumber connects a high-pressure water line to the drain pipe and water is made to flow through the cleaning heads that have precisions nozzles fitted to it that can discharge water at a very high pressure about 3500 psi. The pressurized water stream behaves like a sharp knife that not only cuts through the blockage but at the same time cleans the inner walls of the pipe by washing away any sludge that collects inside.  The clog and sludge convert into a solid mass that moves out from the pipe due to enormous water pressure.

Power Rodding

Plumbers have developed this method of cleaning drains by using technology to make the traditional snake more effective with fewer chances of damaging pipes. Power rodding uses a device that resembles a thin but strong metal cable that plumbers push through the pipe to reach the point of blockage. The leading edge of the wire is fitted with razor-sharp cutting blades that can graze the walls of the pipe when it starts rotating at very high speed driven by a powerful electric motor. In the process, the mass that creates the blockage breaks down into small pieces that are flushed out by forcing high-pressure water through the pipe. 

Technology has made drain cleaning more effective that lasts long.

Published by Karen Anthony