After the new-age article on passion, it is now time for the next word that has gripped us all. Termed as ‘Bucket list’, this fancy aspect involves listing out all the adventurous tasks that you wish to fulfill. A dream list filled with novel activities and unique experiences, these contents form your goal for the future. While ambition is for serious aspect of life, bucket list is the target for all fun stuff. From skydiving to river rafting, from trying out an exotic cuisine of the other end of the globe to singing at a public place, this bucket list can be filled with anything and everything.


   It is extremely essential to chalk out a bucket list with an aim to extract the happiness of our living. Though it may not necessarily mean writing down a ‘real’ list on paper, it can simply mean transforming your ideas to reality. Bucket list does not involve dangerous stunts or risky adventures, it can be any normal activity that may not be a part of your daily routine. An experience that you wish to enjoy in your lifetime gains an entry into this interesting bucket list. Though the concept of bucket list has been extremely popular in the modern world today, it was definitely prevalent in our system for a long while. Human mind has always fueled the desire to try out certain experiences that seem completely out of the curriculum, giving way to adventure and excitement.


    Now, as this trend of bucket list has already taken us in its stride, it is necessary to recognize the contents for our own life. Experience of novel adventures can color the course of our life with unforgettable memories. It shall fill our bags with memorable moments to form bed-time stories for our kids and grandkids! Thinking beyond our comfort zone, expanding our horizon and going an extra mile in the routine journey are some of the demands of this bucket list that energizes us completely. The beauty of this bucket list lies in its flexibility and variety. There are no guidelines or mandatory rules to frame this list. You do not need a heavy budget or enormous resources. All you need is interest, vision, dream and desire to try out things within your reach. You can edit, add, delete and tick mark contents from this personalized list all through your lifetime.


    Bucket list teaches us variety of factors. Though fun and enjoyment are the primary elements of such a list, it also inspires us to adjust and adapt. By going beyond the usual comfortable tasks, it prompts us to experience thrill and adventure. As we try our hands at some activities for the first time, we channel our mind with new thoughts. It energizes our body with enthusiasm and vigor that can improve our routine course of work too. Simply put, it gives us some interesting aspect to look forward to. Bucket list can range from travel to hobbies, connecting with people to observing diverse cultures. Think about any task that would bring unlimited happiness to your heart and see your bucket list filled with such contents.


    Though successful fulfillment of bucket list offers us satisfaction and joy, it should not be equated to a task list with defined deadlines and stressful finish line. As the underlying theme is happiness and fun, it should not turn out into an assignment in the rat race.


   So, whether you have already made this list with a mixture of accomplished and non-accomplished tasks or whether you are new to this business, let me write down some common suggestions that can help us all.


  1. Travel related contents:
  • Travel to amazing continents of Europe, Australia, South America or Antarctica
  • Take photographs at the seven wonders of the world
  • Stay with local families in every destination to get the true feeling of a place
  • Try out local cuisine at every spot
  • Explore some of the major happening cities of the world
  • Explore little towns and villages of a country
  • Explore your own city or native place, before traveling the world
  • Stay in camps in forests and skyscrapers in cities to get the perfect feel of the place
  • Go on two kinds of trips – one perfectly planned to the last minute and other totally unplanned with no fixed agenda
  • Decide travel destinations for various goals- leisure, relaxation, adventurous, touristy or family-oriented


2. Personality related contents

  • Give a public speech with confidence
  • Reconnect with an old friend who is not in touch anymore
  • Learn a new language
  • Cook an exotic dish for family and friends
  • Try your hands at knitting, sewing, painting, embroidery, pottery etc.
  • Design an outfit for yourself
  • Try out new activities like skiing, boating, kayaking, river rafting
  • Write a song, poem, letter, autobiography


3. House related

  • Design a piece of furniture
  • Make a good utility item from waste materials
  • Redecorate your room with fun-stuff
  • Paint the walls yourself
  • Hunt for unique antique ideas to give your house a new look   


Think about anything and everything you love and your bucket list is ready! Recognize your interests and work on your list, after all, we have just one life to complete it all!

Published by Lavanya