How nature supports the writer in me!


       Tall mountains, flowing rivers, mighty ocean, energetic waves, swaying trees and lush green lands- while words like these tempt us to imagine about the wonders of nature, each of these elements have been extremely instrumental in bringing out the best in me. As a blogger and writer, when I look at nature and its wonderful offerings, I see myself moving closer to its ambiance. As an inspiration that prompts me to ponder, contemplate, imagine and write, nature has undoubtedly played an important role, so far. With its natural power and energetic aura, nature brings out the creative flame in me. While admiring its presence from a distance, nature and its fantastic players encourage me in every way.

    Though wonders of mother earth do not reach out to us through the medium of words, they seem to convey many hidden messages from deep within. By inspiring us through their presence, they strive to motivate us in one way or the other. Be it plants and trees that offer their shade, fruits, greenery and peace or flowing waters that inspire us to march ahead; be it clear, blue sky that demonstrates the power of endless possibilities and limitless opportunities or tall mountains that prompt us to ascend greater heights, every element of nature poses as an excellent teacher.

     With immense love for outdoor activities, I often find myself approaching the nature for its huge stock of inspiration. While enjoying the vast extend of a beach, I look at the flowing waves as motivational elements. By falling, yet rising with each passing wave, they seem to talk about the need to stand with courage even after a failure. Vast extend of the sea always pulls me into an imaginative mode. As I admire its strength and power, I experience the inflow of positivity and creativity. Giving strength to my ideas, imagination, thoughts and plans; flowing waters certainly empower me. Be it still, relaxed waters of a lazy ocean far and wide or energetic, gushing waves at the shore, be it flowing stream of water through mountains and hills or silent ponds near the city; water bodies and their charm continue to spread the magic all over.

    Besides water, horizon and its stretch appear to hold a story of its own. As an unachievable target located far away from the coast, horizon forces us to break all bonds and to believe in the strength of our efforts. Not restricting ourselves to our own comfort zone, horizon inspires us to keep marching ahead, without doubts, anxieties and worries. Though failure and disappointment may raise their ugly heads quite often and several roadblocks may appear on the way, it urges us to continue our hard work.

     Nature and its components have always attracted me towards them, giving power to my words and creativity to my thoughts. Natural aspects seem to be enriched with an unknown form of energy that shall never exhaust. As nature brings us closer to the roots of life, creator, birth and existence, I believe in the purity of its presence. Unaffected by artificial aspects and man-made pollutants, nature seems to offer an unbiased, simple, pure and true look. Encouraging us to stay firm over our beliefs, simplicity, kindness and faith, nature can truly convey a lot.

        Magnificent and spectacular in every way, mother earth has truly created immense wonders all around. While they continue to spread their magic, the writer in me hopes to grab every possible opportunity to make the most of this inspiration.

       Before concluding my thoughts over nature and its influence over my writing, let me summarize the highlights of its magical wonders!


  • Nature inspires us to march ahead with energy, faith, trust and confidence.


  • Nature and its components have been instrumental in bringing out the best in me as a blogger, while motivating me along every step and fueling the creativity within.


  • Be it sea, waves, river or beach- water bodies hold exciting stories that point towards the power of hard work and consistent practice.


  • Green ambiance of plants and trees portray the joy of giving. By offering every part for the benefit of those around, they motivate us to live for others.


  • Beaches and seas have always inspired me with new thoughts and newer ideas. As I admire their extent and look forward to being lost in their ambiance, I realize their influence over my words.


  • Nature enhances my imaginative power. While I look around for motivation, I experience the flow of positivity through their wonders and conduct.


    As I continue to seek inspiration and experience their power, I hope to bring more and more charm into my writing!


P.S: This piece was crafted, while admiring the excellent sight of mountains through the windows! 



Published by Lavanya