Dream-a virtuality one loves to have,
Thinking manifoldly wishes he could have,
Dream gives a bon voyage to your thoughts,
It lets you travel exciting places free of cost.


The dream which was special and pure,
Took me to my Lord to cure,
Why you’ve given me so much pain I asked softly,
To make you strong and independent he replied sedately.


The dream in which I saw,
A peaceful nation without RAW
No hatred,no ill- will in the hearts,
Love and brotherhood in everyone’s hearts.


The dream in which you were mine,
Those special moments were divine,
Still, my heart lives that dream,
To fulfill that still remains a dream!



The dream so cherished and pleased,
Walking nearby roses I plead,
To stay here forever,
In the lap of mother nature ever.
The dream in which I was ambitious,
Lounging for materialistic things which are vicious,
The greed of acquisition makes you insane,
You forget everyone and sow the seeds of pain.


The dream in which I had the power to eradicate evils,
Making everyone happy and removing the devils.
Those smiling cheerful faces I saw,
Gives heart throbbing vibes of awe.


Every dream has some specialty,
It’s up to you to understand it’s vitality,
Love your dreams to the best of your ability,
You never know if it could be your reality!


Published by Piyush Kapoor