I stood next to the tall globe in my family’s living room, spinning it endlessly while my finger lightly dragged over the raised bumps of the various continents. “Someday,” I whispered to myself, as I made a mental note of the country my finger stopped on before spinning it again. 


It wasn’t until my plans for the perfect future abruptly fell apart, as they often do, that my dreams of traveling were stifled. I spent a year refusing the desire to dream outside of what was safe. Of course, I was miserable while pushing away the desires to pursue any of my dreams.

Last spring I nervously applied to a university program in London, fully doubting that any of it would work out. 

**Spoiler alert: I’m writing this as I sit on my couch in London.

I was accepted. I worked. I saved. And worked some more. The months in the states passed by quickly and before I knew it January 2018 had arrived. I nervously packed my suitcases as I got ready to leave my family and friends for the next three and a half months.

It’s almost April now and I’m torn between returning home and wanting to stay in London. I’ve had the most incredible experiences while abroad (more to come about that). 

In two and a half months, I’ve traveled to eight different countries. Eaten the yummiest food of my life. Met some wonderful people. And stood in awe of the landscapes that change with every country.

The globe I spun as a child is buried somewhere in the attic of my family’s home in the states. I haven’t seen it in years. But my dreams...they’re not buried anymore. In fact, I think this is only the beginning.


I hope you’ll join me as I begin to share my time abroad.






Published by Alexandra Cassick