Genesis 37 “Dreams and Destiny”

Jacob’s sons were deceivers that much can be proven true yet each one will be used by God to build the nation of Israel.  Jacob had two sons in the latter part of his life, Joseph and Benjamin, from his beloved Rachel.  Jacob pampered Joseph and the other sons were jealous and envious. But it is to Joseph we turn to learn the lessons of trials and destinies.

Joseph was beloved but he had one sin that needed to be eradicated before God would or could use him and that was the sin of pride. From chapter 37 onward God uses trials and journeys that he could not foresee nor ever wished to go through. Before we see the ending we must start at the beginning. Joseph had two dreams, and reading between the lines, we almost can wonder if the brothers saw and unwittingly revealed the truth behind them not so much for them but Joseph. These dreams would be Joseph’s coat of many colors stripped and replaced by a scarlet thread of God’s blessing.

As you look back on your life can you see how God tested you to remove the blinding colors of pride so that His scarlet thread of blessing might be seen as He reveals your destiny? Once again we see the truth of the Word before us: “being confident of this very thing; that he who began a good work in you will carry it to completion.” [Philippians 1:6]  Do not despise the trials you are facing for He is pruning you for the destiny He has prepared for you in eternity past. 

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Published by Gaye Austin