The world is such an amazing place and I have always wanted to see it all. I have always been a very curious girl and I have always wanted to now everything about everything...

As long as I can remeber I have always had the dream to see almost every country there is! I would love to explore the different countries, their culture, language, history, try the food and meet people from all around the world. That is probably one of my biggest dreams!
I have always been very interested in different countries, languages and cultures so I have kind of always tried to find different possibilities on how I could be able to reach or fulfill my dream.

I have visited some countries and I really loved it, it was everything I dreamt about! I cannot really brag about that I have been many places but some of my favorite places I have been could probably be Paris in France, Antalya in Turkey and Krakow in Poland!
Of course I also love Sarajevo, I've been there to study for a semester, but I have been there many times before that, so I kind of feel that Sarajevo is my second home, therefore I feel that Sarajevo does not really count.

I would love to have the opportunity to travel as much as I can and therefore I have been looking at the opportunities. I would say that I have come up with a really good plan! So, if everything goes as planned and of course if everthing goes as I would like it to, I will be applying to work as a flight attendant, for some time, to explore the world and see as much as possible.

This will of course be after I finish my bachelor degree. I would take a brake from University and earn some money as a flight attendant and most importantly be able to see and explore the world like that.
That is my dream and plan for now, but nothing is really sure right now. But I really hope that they will accept me so I can be able to work and enjoy my life like I have always dreamt about!

I guess, the point I wanted to really get across is that we all have dreams and they are something that makes us the person we are. Some dreams become reality, some doesn't, that's just the way life goes. But in the end it is important never to go without having a dream. Whether it's a little dream or a big dream, do whatever your can to make it a reality, because if the dream didn't matter to you, you wouldn't be dreaming about making it reality.Always have dreams and goals for yourselves and try your best to achieve them!
Don't be trapped in someone elses dream! Don't make someone elses dreams your reality!

Go and have your own dreams for you and your life. Make your current dreams a reality and make new dreams and find a way to make them reality too.. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not worthy of something or that your dreams are not achievable or stupid!

Published by Elma Omukic