Visiting Faythander is a nasty business. Forget the fairies and unicorns, most people come back with lost memories and mental problems. Olive Kennedy knows. She's the therapist who treats patients suffering from Faythander's side effects. Despite her empty bank account, she takes pride in her job as Houston’s only Fairy World medical doctor. She's never failed to cure a client—until now.

Traveling back to Faythander wasn't on Olive's to-do list. But she has no choice. The fate of both Earth and Fairy depends on her ability to stop an ancient being called the Dreamthief. To complicate matters, she may be losing her heart to someone who can’t love her in return. Saving the world, she can handle. Falling in love—not so much.

As if battling the forces of evil wasn't difficult enough…


Fantasy novels have always been my favorite genre, followed closely by romance, but I can't stand cliché fantasies. Dreamthief puts a unique twist on the idea of pixies, elves, goblins, dragons, and wults. Normally, I imagine pixies as something akin to Tinkerbell. Not 7 foot tall animalistic warriors with razor sharp teeth. The entire concept and history of Faythander and the wult race was unique and refreshing.

The storyline itself was not predictable and kept me guessing at who could possibly be behind the evil plot. I relished the combination of adventure and romance within Dreamthief and look forward to reading more of the Fairy World series.

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