Ahh dreams. Such a magical place to be. You know that one place where you can actually eat a hot dog. Bun and all!

That's right, I dreamt about a hot dog last night. Well, technically half a hot dog. I was walking along when one of the kids didn't want theirs. Like any good mother, I don't like seeing food go to waste, so without thinking I just shoved said food in my mouth. (as I have been known to do regularly in real life)

Halfway through eating it, my consciousness kicked in. I found the nearest trash can, threw away what was left of the dog and spit out what remained in my mouth. I began wondering if that meant I would have to extend my 28 day detox because of the potential toxins I just put in my body (dear God, no!).

What a wake up call to see that I have not been mindful at all about what I am putting in my body. It's like I was on autopilot. Oh, you aren't going to eat that? I don't even really care for it, but can't let it go to waste. Oh, we are at a restaurant? Better order something sinfully delicious lest we never go out to eat again (even though we did at least twice or more a week). Oh, I have PMS? Must be time for chocolate. Oh, my stomach feels full? But there's only 3 (or 8) bites left on my plate, really should finish those.

Hello?!! MacFly? Anyone in there? These mindlessness habits create the dis-ease I am so carefully trying to avoid. Time to start living in the now being present with what I put in my body and living a healthier life.

What are your worst autopilot habits?

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Published by Melinda Schmitt