I am back! I have been gone for two days too long, everyone probably missed me, and wants to know if I am still kicking it among the living, am I right? LOL. Okay, maybe not. Today I decided to do an interesting topic to stir up some debate, discussion and difference of opinions. I figured this would be something simple, yet interesting to here people's thoughts on. Topic of the day being "dried herbs or fresh herbs" and why? I want to know why you prefer one over the other, do you think there is a huge cost difference between the two? which herbs do you use dried and which herbs do you use fresh? Is there a herb you do NOT like and which herb would you say is one of your favorites? which herbs do you use the most? Any recommendations you would like to share as far as what herbs go well with certain foods, and if you have a garden and would like to offer advice on how to grow them, please add that information as well.  Hopefully this will get people talking. 


My mom has always been the type and still is the type where she will use ONLY dried herbs, I have never seen her use fresh herbs not a day in my life and I am 24, so in 24 years I have never seen my mom use fresh herbs; why? The reason being, I believe has to do with the price difference and the shelve life, dried herbs typically last longer, which in turn means less money she has to spend.  Some of you may disagree with her logic and that is totally okay, I want to hear your logic. I myself, never thought anything about either one growing up, because I didn't care. Since about a couple of months ago, I went from using dried herbs to using more fresh herbs, mainly because I enjoy cooking and some of the recipes I have made required that I use a fresh herb. I have used cilantro with white rice and I have used rosemary with cooking my chicken thighs.  Those are the only fresh herbs I have used thus far but I am still teaching myself to venture out and whenever I find a recipe I like, I always liking having to try a new herb it calls for.  When I use dried herbs, it normally consist of parsley flakes and Italian seasoning, sometimes garlic powder. Although of the late, I have been using fresh garlic as well, it isn't fun to peel, but it does make a difference in the dish.  Nonetheless, we will discuss the two different types of herbs, learn something new possibly and then everyone can share their opinions.


Dried herbs

  • Said to have a "stronger" flavor and be more potent, which means you can use less of it.
  • Good for cold climates, when fresh herbs may be harder to find or grow
  • go stale quickly
  • store in an airtight container away from heat and light
  • Sometimes dried can lose some of their flavor overtime
  • some dried seasonings come with 6 or more different herbs (i.e Italian seasoning)
  • you get more in the container
  • the more exotic, expensive spices are no cheaper than buying them fresh 

Fresh herbs

  • Most will not last after a few days
  • It is said that sauteing, making soup or sauce, that fresh herbs aren't the best to use (some may disagree)
  • You will have to chop up everything yourself (use the leaves and not the stems)
  • Growing your own can save money
  • should be stored in a fridge, wrapped in a paper towel and bag to avoid dampness
  • freeze them to make them last longer

From this list, most of you will gather it was common sense, but some people do not know this information and it will help them better be able to choose or give them an idea of what works best depending on the situation. There really is no winner, when it comes to having to choose; it comes down to preference and availability.  From what I gathered, it is good to use a mixture of both for cooking. Thank you for reading. Please follow, share, like, and comment. 


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