While browsing for ideas I came across Watermelon Cupcakes. The idea is that you take vanilla cupcakes and colour them to match watermelons, so I made my usual Vanilla Cupcakes and added pink colouring and chocolate chips. I added green food colouring to the icing and decorated it with a few chocolate chips. Since these are nice vibrant colours, I thought that they would look pretty in my cupcake jars. So I bought a few more of the jars and got some nice string from CNA. To make them, I split the batter between the normal cupcakes and in a cake pan. Unfortunately I only have one small heart shaped cake pan. Using my cookie cutter, I cut out circles of cake and removed the top and bottom layer to make it level. I quickly ran out of areas big enough to use to cookie cutter, so I decided to crumble the remainder of the “cake” and filled the other jars with the crumble. This all seemed to work out well. After filling five jars, I tied the string around them and added the wooden spoons. It looked quite nice.


I used nice vibrant cupcake liners to match my theme and added some chocolate chips to the icing to round it off. I definitely think this is my prettiest batch thus far. I especially like the jars. I decided to sell the jars for R20 since it is two cupcakes and the jars and the spoon needs to be taken into consideration, but apparently this was either too much cupcake for people or too expensive since no one seemed to want to buy one, which made me very sad. I guess people don’t really have a tolerance for that much sweetness. I guess I will do jars on request in the future. I got my stickers and they came out pretty good. They are a bit grainy but that is my fault. I accidentally didn’t save the file when I created the logo so I only have a png version of the logo and getting that to pdf made a bit of quality loss. I will have to create the logo again at some point😦 but for now they will do. I printed them with Studio 112, and I would recommend them for anyone interesting in doing something similar.

I am starting to worry that people will grow tired of the cupcakes and then I will have a problem selling them, so I think I will take a break from cupcakes and try something else. My plan is to make “Melktert” (Milk tart) and cut them into slices and package them in a pie box wedge with a fork. I tried a template for the box but I felt it was missing a flap so I made my own one. I will have to go out and get some brown cardboard to create them with and a pink string. I am actually quite excited to see how they turn out. Melktert tends to be delicious and loved by almost everyone, so I hope sales for it will be good. Now I just have to figure out pricing again.

Published by Nadia Hoffmann