It’s been a long dry summer.  Many crops are failing because of the drought.  Lawns have turned brown.  In recent weeks we did get some rain that allowed lawns and many crops to be revived and a harvest is now expected.  Unfortunately, some crops dried up too much and no amount of rain will bring them back to life and produce a harvest.  Lawns remain brown with only patches of green.  Without regular water, plants will die.

    The same is true for us in our spiritual lives.  If we try to push on without getting a refreshing rain from God’s Holy Spirit, we too run the risk of drying up.  The problem becomes, how do we avoid those dry times.  Our dryness comes because we have distanced ourselves from God, a refreshing will come when we again draw close to Him.  Sometimes this is a struggle, but when we push through and determine in ourselves to find Him while we are in that dry place, He is true to bring us new life.  Psalms 72:6 says, “He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth.” (KJV)

Published by Ray Richards