One of the reasons why people don’t avail of a dry cleaning service even if they know that the service is available is that they hate the idea of heading to a specific location to drop the clothes off. They don’t see the point of doing so because it wastes their time. The primary reason for outsourcing this service is because they want to save their time to do something else.


Before you write this idea off, you need to understand that some dry cleaning companies offer delivery services. You can set up an appointment with them, so they will come over to pick up your laundry. For some companies, they schedule a time when they come to various houses to pick up the laundry. The point is that you don't have to go to their office or drop-off point to send your clothes for washing. They can come to you instead.


When they have finished cleaning your clothes, they will also return them. After receipt of the clothes, they will give you an estimated time to complete the laundry. They will be there within the given time to return the thoroughly dried and steamed clothes.


Prepare the laundry


The only thing left for you to do is to prepare the clothes for pickup. Place them in a laundry basket and seal them. Some laundry companies provide a basket where you can adequately segregate the clothes. Once they reach your house, they will weigh the clothes or count them individually and give you a receipt. It shows the volume or number of clothes that they received for cleaning.


Ask for the price


If you seek a delivery service, you need to ask if there is an additional fee. In most cases, you might need to pay a small amount, but it is nothing compared to what you are getting in return. You may also ask for a contract if you want them to come over regularly to pick the clothes up for dry cleaning. When you are under a contract, you can seek a discount. You may also agree on the frequency and the volume of clothes they will wash on a weekly or monthly basis.


Evaluate the results


On your first try, check if they gave satisfactory performance. You could stick with the same company if you were happy with what they gave you. Otherwise, you need to look for other options. You can’t settle for anything less when it comes to your clothes. Usually, the clothes you send for dry cleaning are expensive. They are high-quality fabrics. If the dry cleaning company failed to deliver, don’t continue your partnership with them.

If you want the best dry cleaners Chelsea offers, there are several choices in the area. Read reviews and find out what other people have to say about their services. Compare them using various standards and don’t settle for a dry cleaning company only because it offers cheap services.

Published by Zachary McGavin