I think we have all shared the same annoying experience of our mascara drying out too quickly and essentially going to waste. It truly used to IRK the hell out of me when I would spend $30 on a tube of my favorite mascara (Lancome Definicils) and then have it dry out in no time – leaving so much unused product still left in there that you can’t use!

I’ve done a short post previously on a little trick I use to help get more bank for my buck when my mascara starts to dry out, but this is really only a temporary fix (works for a day or two, at max).



What I started doing now, instead of spending $30 on a full-sized tube of mascara at Sephora, I ordered a 3-pack of mini travel-sized ones for $15 on Amazon! Gotta love Amazon. I am finally on my third (final) tube, and I bought these over 6 months ago!

Using these mini mascaras instead of the big one helps me change out my mascara as often as I should be (every 2-3 months) for a fresher look and better hygiene, not let unused product go to waste, and best of all: save money! :-)

XO <3

Published by Nani Dominguez