'Dude! You have to read this book.

It's totally about this platypus and this beaver who are friends. They want to go surfing but dude, there's this shark who's in the ocean, too.

But don't worry. This shark approaches and you'll never guess what happens.'

I didn't love this book.

I understand that this is a children's book, so I wasnt expecting a literary masterpiece but I did expect more than I got. There was barely any words in this book, only illustrations. The illustrations were pretty much the only tool used to tell the story.

Luckily the illustrations were absolutly beautiful. These illustrations by Dan Santat are honestly what made this book. I have read other books that have been illustrated by Dan Santat, so I wasnt surprised by his wonderful work.

I have been fortunate enough in recent times to have read some beautiful children's books. The illustrations in this book definitely measure up to some of the best I have seen in recent time.

Unfortunately the story just didn't do anything for me. I was underwhelmed by the lack of story and I was frustrated by what I feel is a wasted opportunity. This book could have been fantastic, but it just missed the mark.

Dude! by Aaron Reynolds, illustrations by Dan Santat is out now.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker