Being crazy is part of my identity. I’m not talking about the kind of crazy that parties six nights a week and gets blacked out every chance she gets. I’m talking about Blank Space, Taylor Swift Song Crazy’.

“…..Screaming, crying, perfect storms
I can make all the tables turn
Rose garden filled with thorns
Keep you second guessing like
“Oh my God, who is she?”
I get drunk on jealousy
But you’ll come back each time you leave
‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream…..”

If I were given a dollar every time a guy told me, “You’re Crazy”, I’d have a fucking Aston Martin parked in my garage by now.

Dudes love to complain about having crazy exes, except no one is crazy in a vacuum. People become crazy when you exhaust their ability to be sane. Behind every crazy ex is a dude who played the tip with her heart.

For whatever reason, dudes really like to stick us with the dagger of a phrase“You’re Crazy” and any other bag of douche word they can think of.

Is it because we want a relationship and you want a fuck buddy? You cannot blame us when we agree on ‘No Strings Attached then feelings pop up? Do you know that we cannot hide our emotions? You do it better than us? That’s why we are women.

We might be ‘crazy’ because you blue ticked our whats-app texts and you did not reply. Yet, we saw you online. We might be ‘crazy’ because you keep posting the ‘WCW (women crush Wednesday’) of another girl on your Instagram page even when you know it would hurt us. I mean really, these are all plausible reasons why a girl is crazy.

But, you see, guys make us crazy. Social media makes us cray. Today’s society makes us completely an utterly insane.

Okay. Some bitches ARE CRAZZZZZY, without the help of the of the dudes. That’s a different case and another story for another day. But I don’t think there are girls who aren’t really crazy when it comes to relationships, love? I doubt that. Don’t dare disagree with me.

Even those with ‘sponsors, the gold diggers’ they go crazy when they see money that was meant for them being used on another woman. Strippers, whores in the streets all get jealous and crazy because of a man.

Yes, Yes, Don’t deny! That jealousy feeling, make you do or say ‘crazy’ things without knowing about it. It’s like dudes use a click of a button to make us go crazy.

Guys do have the tendency of making you feel like you’re bat shit when in reality, it’s them. They fuck up, you call them out, and instead of taking responsibility, they push their guilt onto you.

Was watching a series the other day, ‘Shameless’ Veronica and Kevin, My favorite couple.

“Uhm, Kevin. Why the fuck are you sending dick pics to Sally?”

“Uhm, Okay Babe. Why the hell are you going through my phone? I can’t trust you and your crazy ass.”

“But…you’re right. I’m sorry.” (that’s an added line on my short script to prove my point. If you’ve watched Shameless, you know Veronica wouldn’t say that…She was one crazy bitch! Love her to bits though.)

Well played, Kevin. Well played. Now Veronica is going to doubt herself and actually go crazy while he sends weenie pics to Sally. You created a monster.

Because that’s what we’ve become. Monsters who are controlling, paranoid and insecure. We begin to feel like we’re the problem. The guys does something we don’t like, yet somehow it becomes our fault.

Why do that? Huh? Maybe we expect too much. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal than I should. Maybe it’s me who has the issues.

No, no , and no.

We cannot put on a mask on the rest of the time. Act like someone who has it together, when we not. And that’s why our crazy demons will explode to the fullest and meanest way.

Call us ‘Crazy’ but in the meantime, it takes two people to make a crazy ex.

Published by Doreen Eshinali