Whatever side you’re on in this drama, or if you’re not on a side, or if you’re not aware of this drama, it’s always nice to have a budget-friendly alternative for a higher-end product! Here are some Colourpop dupes for Jeffree Star’s velour liquid lipsticks!

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I must admit that I love tea.  I’m not talking about Green or English Breakfast either – I’m took good, high quality, old-fashioned gossip.


I’m sure most of you are aware of what’s been going on between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D.  If not, here’s a quick crash course: Kat Von D posted an Instagram publicly denouncing Jeffree (she’s even pulling the shade “Jeffree” from her liquid lipstick line!) and later posted a YouTube video to explain more.  Jeffree clapped back and posted his own YouTube video to explain his side of the story.  Twitter exploded, and everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


Now, as much as I enjoy watching things like this unfold (I have no shame, it’s ok – I just really love beef), this post isn’t supposed to be about the antics of people who are much more important than I am.  Rather, I wanted to share some Colourpop dupes for a few of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks.  Whatever side you’re on (if you’re even on a side), or if you don’t really care (I respect that too), it’s always nice to find a similar product that costs 1/3 the price of another!

I have a pretty extensive Colourpop collection when it comes to their liquid lipsticks, so I decided to pull everything out and see what I could match up.  Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks retail for $6/each and Jeffree Star’s retail for $18/each, so if I can help someone snag a Colourpop dupe for one of Jeffree Star’s shades and manage to buy two more Colourpop ones for the same price (or just stop at buying the dupe like a normal person instead of the lipstick maniac I am), hooray! To save my limbs, I pulled out a nifty piece of white paper and begin to swatch there to see if I could spot any dupes right off the bat.


8a 8b

I tried to be ~artsy~ here and keep things neat, mostly for my own benefit, so I put the Jeffree Star lipstick on the left (“JS” stands for Jeffree Star) and the Colourpop ones after it (“CP” stands for Colourpop even though I’m realizing as I write this that it’s one word… haha). 

1a 1b

From the paper, I noticed Redrum and Creeper were pretty close shade-wise, both in and out of flash. Formula-wise, JS has a more mousse-y texture.  I’d say the CP Ultra Satins are a lot closer in formula to the JS liquid lipsticks than their Ultra Mattes.

2a 2b

Unicorn Blood was a little more tricky.  Without flash, everything basically looked pretty similar, but with flash on, it was a different story.  I’d say CP LAX was a lot closer than Limbo was.  That being said, I don’t actually recommend LAX – for some reason, this formula is really streaky.

3a 3b

Dominatrix is pretty unique in the sense that it’s a true brown.  Limbo was the closest brown I own (my other Colourpop browns are a lot lighter and more gray-toned), but it still leaned more red.

4a 4b

I have a whole host of dark mauves from Colourpop, so it was difficult trying to narrow down which ones looked closest since they all had really different undertones.  One thing I noticed about CP products is that a few of them tend to look a lot different in the tube than actually swatched.

Here, I think Frick N Frack and Stingraye are actually closest to Androgyny.  Tulle is a little bit too dark.

5a 5b

For Gemini, I thought Chilly Chili looked close tube-wise, but it was completely off.  Bumble looks pretty close, but it looks more pink than Gemini.

6a 6b

For Celebrity Skin, Littlestitious looked pretty close! I was kind of freaked out by the pink thing it did, but now it makes sense why my lips are always stained that color after I try it on.


Now that I narrowed a few down on paper, I wanted to go ahead and sacrifice my arm for the sake of budget-friendly options.

7a copy7b


Also – I just realized I wrote “Cozy” instead of “Creeper” in the arm swatches above, and of course, I didn’t save the .PSD file, so that’s why you see it crossed out. Oops! Hehe 🙃 #EverybodyMakesMistakes

Betcha thought I was gonna use a Hannah Montana image!!!

After seeing everything swatched side-by-side without flash and with flash, here are my final thoughts on the dupes:

1. Jeffree Star Redrum // Colourpop Creeper


I think Creeper, which is an Ultra Matte, is pretty close to Redrum.  Again, the Ultra Matte formula is a little more liquidy, but they’re still fairly close shade-wise. I did notice that Creeper leans a tad more orange than Redrum, but they’re both blue-toned reds.

2. Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood // Colourpop LAX

TtB: Jeffree Star Redrum, Colourpop LAX

LAX is a little darker and more berry-toned, but they’re still pretty close IMO.  As I said earlier, I don’t actually recommend LAX though!

3. Jeffree Star Dominatrix // Colourpop Limbo

TtB: Jeffree Star Dominatrix, Colourpop Limbo

Limbo is actually one of my favorite browns because I like more red-toned browns.  Swatch-wise, you’ll notice that Limbo is definitely lighter and more red than Dominatrix.  That being said, it’s still a great brown alternative, so even if they’re not that close, it might be worth saving the $12 and going with the Colourpop option.

4. Jeffree Star Androgyny // Colourpop Frick N’ Frack & StingRAYE

Ttb: Jeffree Star Androgyny, Colourpop Frick N’ Frack, Colourpop Stingraye

I think Androgyny and Stingraye and basically spot-on here!  Frick N’ Frack is a little too pinky red, but still quite close.

5. Jeffree Star Gemini // Colourpop Bumble & Frick N’ Frack

Ttb: Jeffree Star Gemini, Colourpop Frick N’ Frack (Bumble not pictured)

As you can see from the paper swatches, I didn’t originally put Frick N’ Frack in this group, but after swatching it on my arm, I thought it was closed to Gemini than Androgyny.  After looking at the arm swatches, it’s definitely closer than Bumble is – it’s a tad darker, but it’s not off by too much!

6. Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin // Colourpop Littlestitious

Ttb: Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin, Colourpop Littlestitious

Even these two looked basically identical (with the exception of the weird pink thing going on for Littlestitious), they swatched a lot differently on my arm.  Celebrity Skin is more yellowy brown, while Littlestitious is more pink.  I think it might actually be close to Jeffree Star Mannequin, but I don’t own that shade so I can’t swatch it for you!


  • I’d say almost definite dupes are: JS Redrum/CP Creeper and JS Androgyny/CP StingRAYE
  • Dupes of “preference,” aka dupes that aren’t identical but I think you could get away with going with the Colourpop version if you wanted to save money are: JS Dominatrix/CP Limbo, JS Gemini/CP Frick N’ Frack

Thanks for reading! Does anybody else have any Colourpop (or other branded) dupes for Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks??

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