Starting this one off two days early because I'm cool like that and instead of looking at the lovely weather outside I've decided to focus intently on the little LED display that somehow contains the whole world within it.

Today's post is about spirals of success. I learnt this concept a long time ago from red beard who intensely told me that as you get more success your brain literally opens up more and you find yourself cleverer and cleverer able to use more of your brain. I laughed the balding ginger man off, I mean here was a man who advocated cryotherapy and turmeric shots so I take everything he says with a little grain of increduality.

The last few weeks I reckon I've been doing the best I've ever done. I'm having the best chats of my life. I'm working harder and better than I ever have and everything's doing well. I'm stressed and tired and busy as hell but in a good way - I control my destiny.

As this goes on I find that I can literally summon up more from myself. In music I can literally sing better, I can see mistakes and rectify then as well as just play better. I'm stronger than I've ever been before and can push myself further. I'm more attentive and just present in class and everything makes sense.

I could go on but I'm not I actually could.

The idea is just that its a cool little phenomenon that your body literally gives you more to work with when you get a little good.

It's like before your body isn't too sure you'll do well and rations it out. You get those moments where you physically cannot remember something or put in the effort. As you show you body you can do more it begins to dole it out by the ladel.

One thing I've also learnt it you're doing you're best just before you fall. You get cocky, egotistical and complacent. The thing is I kinda can't wait to fall down again because invariably you're going to climb back up.

I'm liking how life is going and yeah, can't wait for more.

There's always a bad thing that follows a time of solace because well that's how life works. Not going to lie I'm pretty sure I know where it's going to be for me. I've been neglecting my social circle recently. I used to get real mad at people for not investing as much in their friends and honestly I've not been doing it a lot. Right now I'm just concerned with having lots of fun and sometimes that just means I focus less on life stuff and investing in my friends.

I think people like forming cliques, it's nice to have that us vs them attitude and people quite like that. As someone who doesn't bother texting anyone or really having deep chats with people I don't end up wanting or getting in these cliques. They break and form and recently they've been broken but they're reforming. I think as a teenage thing guys just like to hang out with girls a lot, honestly I don't really  mind, I'll chat to anyone that's fun but I think people just care more about the girls part than the fun part. Also to justify myself to the denizens of the internet, I'm not mad because I can't talk to girls, honestly as I think about it I'm pretty happy, once you get passed to FOMO I realise I'd much rather do my thing than do what I think people think is cool. (also 10/10 can talk to girls for like 2 minutes before I become a stuttering mess.

Published by Kevin Li