Planning a house move is easy but preparing for the move can be a daunting task. Everything in relocation is easy and the process is totally free of stress with the professionals but people who prefer DIY moving then the whole process is hectic. In DIY move, people can plan and do all the packing efficiently by using simple tips and tricks but they might get stuck when it comes to moving house furniture. Because it is difficult as well as complex to disassemble heavy and large furniture pieces and then move them through narrow doors, hallways, corners and stairs. This is why most of the people prefer to hire professional man and van house removals services. Even those people who do not hire moving company they just hire furniture removal services due to its complexities.

Modern furniture is expensive as well as sophisticated so it should be handled with utmost care. Additionally, lifting heavy furniture pieces can cause severe injury if not handled properly. So, it is better to hire professional or otherwise search some easy ways for moving house furniture.

Easiest Ways For Moving House Furniture

Using Shoulder Dolly

Shoulder dolly or moving straps are used to lift heavy furniture and appliances. These straps fit comfortably over the shoulders and help you in lifting the heavy objects using stronger muscle group. They make the load feel lighter by taking the weight off your back. So, shoulder dolly is the ‘must have’ moving equipment that makes the furniture moving easy. However, do not use them while moving furniture up and down the stairs.

Wrap Furniture with Blankets

Protect and secure furniture by wrapping them in blankets or plastic. Moving blankets are available in different stores or you can rent blankets from moving companies. So, renting moving blankets will be the best option to prevent furniture from scratches or damage. Be sure to pack everything that can be packed avoid using tape directly on the painted surfaces.

Using A Moving Dolly

Moving dolly is another great moving equipment that makes the move effortlessly. It is basically a hand truck made of steel having wheels on the bottom. They are used to move the furniture pieces like side tables, small cupboards, dressers and bookcases. However, they come in different sizes so you can choose the right size dolly keeping in mind the size of furniture pieces.

Carry Tall Items High And Low

Tall furniture pieces such as dressers, cupboard, shelving or filling cabinets are difficult to handle. Usually more than two hands are required to move such pieces. It is suggested to move tall furniture by holding high and low where one person will carry the top and other will carry bottom. By setting this angle, it will be easy to move such furniture pieces even up and down the stairs while keeping the weight centred.

It is recommended to hire a moving company offering professional man and van house removal services. But if it’s not your choice then understand the art of carrying and moving furniture and use these tips to make the moving process easier. 

Published by M Yousuf