• Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,

difficult is to recognize our own mistakes.

  • Easy is to hurt someone who loves you,

difficult is to heal the wound...

  • Easy is to set the rules,

difficult is to follow them.

  • Easy is to think bad of others,

difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Easy is to receive,

difficult is to give.

  • Easy is to dream every night,

difficult is to fight for a dream.

  • Easy is to say we love,

difficult is to show it every day.

  • Easy is to make mistakes,

difficult is to learn from them.

  • Easy is to show victory,

difficult is to accept defeat with dignity.

  • Easy is to stumble with a stone,

difficult is to get up.

  • Easy is to promise something to someone

difficult is to keep that promise.

  • Easy is to criticize others,

difficult is to improve ourselves.

  • Easy is to keep a friendship with words

difficult is to keep it with meaning.

  • Easy is to talk without thinking,

difficult is to refrain the tongue.

  • Easy is to read this...

difficult  to follow...

(Author unknown)


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