In the middle of the night you wake up to attend an urgent call, hesitantly you answer the call and before you could comprehend what the other person is saying, you discover that something is wrong with your phone. Hurriedly you restart your phone in order to bring it back to normal working order, oops, now your phone is not even booting. Panic struck you look at the wall clock; it is going 3 O'clock in the morning, in another couple of hours you need to make an urgent call to your doctor for an appointment. Certainly, you are caught in an unpleasant situation, right?

In the morning you ran to the repair service guy to verify and check your iPhone and to your utter disappointment, you discovered that your iPhone has gone out of order and you need to buy iPhone 5 parts to make it up and running. While driving back, you are constantly occupied by the thought ‘Where do I find the original parts?’ Well, relax, you do not need to get worried about it, but you can take several steps to keep your phone in a good shape.

To avoid such kind of situation, you need to maintain your iPhone and iPad properly; although iPhone is pretty much a good product; however, it needs careful handling and attention to last for a long time without giving you much trouble. Below mentioned are few tips to keep your phone in good condition.

  • The first thing you need to get is a case for your iPhone as soon as possible to avoid physical damages; especially, if you have children at your place, then it becomes mandatory to have a case. For instance, if your kid drops it on the rugged surface your phone can get seriously damaged; even iphone 6 screens can get damaged in spite of its hard scratch resistant screen; so make sure to buy a case.


  • Next important thing is your iPhone’s battery; ensure you perform at least 2 charge cycles per month which means charge the battery completely and empty it.


  • Make sure to update your software. Always make sure you have the latest iTunes and your phone’s iOS is updated. Every time you update your software apple fixes the bugs and sometimes introduces additional features.


  • Clean your iPad screen regularly. Over the time the screen gets dirty, and the dirt is definitely going to make the screen unresponsive to touch. Use a lint-free and soft cloth to clean the screen.


  • Restart your iPad regularly, this may sound way too simple; however, restarting would enable the iPad to close all the running programs completely and shut down; this is one of the most efficient and simplest methods to keep your iPad in perfect condition.


  • Remove all unimportant apps, delete cache and back up your data to your computer or to iCloud, this way you can have maximum space.


  • Apps are primary reasons for draining out the battery; if you keep open too many apps, your iPad battery will get drained out. Avoid high load operation to prevent your battery from getting damaged.


  • Location app eats most of your battery power; disable location app to keep your battery healthy.


  • Update your apps; besides iOS, you can update your apps immediately after you have uninstalled the unnecessary apps; to do this; open the “App store”, find app tab, go to updates and select “Update All” — it will update all the new versions available for the installed apps.

Considering the importance of your iPhone and iPad, you need to maintain your devices, so that you do not run into unnecessary trouble, these are a few simple and important tips that you can perform to keep your iPad in usable conditions. 

At some point, you might have to look for iPad air parts, if you are caught in a situation where you have to buy new parts, then look out for authentic iPad parts provider; conduct a thorough research online and weigh your options carefully. While buying parts for your iPhone, make sure to confirm the warranty features and exchange policies. Make a wise and informed decision.

The bottom line is; ideally you should not get into trouble if you care and maintain your iPhone and iPad properly, make sure to behave with your devices carefully, do not just throw them out on the couch or let them litter around near the kitchen sink, do not let your phone lie in some corner of your laptop bag and keep the phone away from kids if possible. By taking care of small and little things you can prevent your devices getting damaged.

Don’t get panicked if your phone or iPad gets damaged; you have repair and replacement options to bring your iPhone back to workable conditions.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha