So much has been written on Monday blues that we believe that we should add our point of view to the list, too. Why has Monday begun to scare the world? Let's give it some thought. The beginning of yet another week filled with complicated decisions, haunting managerial stares, and another work related depressing stuff has the power to drown any chirping bird into the ocean of despair and distress. Then, is there any way to recover from this unavoidable tragedy? Oh, yes! We, at CFS, have cracked the code. It doesn't matter whether you love your job or not, you are bound to be stressed with the arrival of Monday; therefore, these tips are going to be extremely useful for all of you. Without further ado, and before you begin scrolling away with impatience, here we go -

Make Monday a Musical Event

Create your own event each Monday. Like, decide that this week is going to be a hard rock podcast day. Research for the best hard rock music on Sunday night or whenever you get time and fill your iPod with these tracks. The trick is to remain enthusiastic about the theme. So, select a theme that gets your juices flowing. Make sure that you do not listen to the tracks in advance -- a little sneak peek to know whether the file is actually working is okay. Sit tight and while you are on your way to the office, turn up the volume. Pick a musical theme for every upcoming Monday and dance on the "Blues."

Create a Fresh Fashion Story, Each Monday

Humans love flaunting their possessions. This inherent quality could really work in our favor to fight the gloomy Monday. Add a new fashion piece to your wardrobe and make it a point to unveil it to the  world only on Monday. Be known for your fashion statement each Monday and spend the day gathering compliments. If you are planning on getting a makeover, wait till Sunday. Get a makeover on Sunday and reveal your fresh look on the first day of the week. We swear, there is something about a change in one's look; it can uplift your spirit. So, what are you buying this weekend?

Let the Food Therapy Work

Keep an eye on the food blogs and try a new breakfast item each Monday. There are so many dishes to try that we fall short of days to try them all. With you trying one new recipe every Monday, trust me, a new positive vibe would blanket your whole family. Food therapy is the best therapy. If you are a lover  of challenges, then you may want to take a lunch challenge as well. You can pack yourself a lunch of new dish each Monday; this way, you would not only wait for Monday to arrive, you would wait for the lunchtime to try the dish.

Befriend a Truly Fun & Optimistic Person at WorkPlace

It is the most important tip of all. This does not help with only Monday blues, it keeps you upbeat throughout the week. Be on a lookout for that one person who laughs from the heart and looks at the day with an optimist's eyes. Although we love whining about our workload, we all need that one person who knows the importance of having a good laughter every now & then. Believe it or not, you would look forward to meeting this person every day. However, it would be the best if you guys get to meet only on weekdays because this way, you would have to wait for weekdays to enjoy their company.

Voila, there you have it! Of course, every person is unique; so, if you have any other tips to make Monday blues disappears, don't forget to spread the word. Generosity would take you everywhere ;)

See you later, guys!

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