Our new current obsession: DIY projects. This time homemade candles are the lucky victims. Follow this recipe for our version of easy DIY beeswax lavender candles that are eco-friendly, safe, and non-toxic. It’s quite possibly the best of three worlds. 

Like most homebodies, I have a knack for candles of all shapes, sizes, scents, and purposes. I burn them as a way to destress or to relax with a book, a romantic dinner-for-one, or — my most favorite pastime — a nap. Unfortunately, like so many candle lovers, we know (and detest!) how expensive they can get. I knew I had a problem when I once spent $30 on an 8oz rose scented candle at a pop up shop. Crazy enough, I didn’t think candles are supposed to cost that much. 

As a solution to this addiction, Vivian and I decided to make our own candles from the leftover beeswax and coconut oil we had from our homemade DIY chapstick project. We learned beeswax candles are great for our homes because they act as a natural purifier. When beeswax is burned, they pull pollutants and toxins out of the air, which help effectively reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies (you can read more about that here). Plus, they’re super easy, fun, and affordable to make!  

Easy DIY Beeswax Lavender Candles


Here is What You Will Need:
4.76 oz Beeswax
4.76 oz Coconut Oil
Four 6 Inch Wicks
4 Clothespins
Four 4 oz Jars
1 Bottle Lavender Fragrance Oil (we used essential oils because that’s what we had on hand)
1 Pyrex Measuring Cup
1 Double Broiler

*recipe makes four 4 oz sized jars
*4.76 isn’t just a random number, that’s about all the beeswax we had leftover. The ratio of the beeswax to coconut oil is 1:1.

Here is What You Will Do: 

1. Melt the beeswax in a double broiler (or a makeshift one like what we have below) on medium heat, occasionally strring. Once the beeswax has somewhat melted, carefully dip the 6in wicks into the beeswax mixture. Set these aside on old newspaper clippings or mom’s old sheets to cool and set.


2. While the beeswax continues to melt, slowly stir in the coconut oil. Stir these two together until both the beeswax and coconut oil have completely melted into one great smelling mixture.



3. This is where your multitasking skills come in handy. While the beeswax and coconut oil continue to mix together, place the now cooled 6in wicks on the clothespins and place each one in the middle of your jars. Use the clothespins to keep them standing up. See  an example below!


4. When the beeswax and coconut oil are ready, pull the mixture from the heat and add in droplets of fragrance lavender oil. We used essential lavender oil because that was what we had on hand. However, we recommend using fragrance oil because it can be heated at a higher temperature and less droplets are needed for a stronger scent. There aren’t much rules here though. Add droplets based on your desired scent strength and mix well. We used 20+ droplets with our essential oil. 

5. Once that’s done, quickly pour the completed mixture into a Pyrex measuring cup. Using the Pyrex, pour the mixture into your jars, leaving 0.5 inch left at the top. Pour as quickly as you can so the mixture won’t harden. However if it does, simply reheat it over the stove and continue. For easy cleaning, cover the inside of your Pyrex cup with wax or parchment paper. 

6. Now, let you candles set for 12-16 hours, or until they are completely hardened.


(16 hours later…)

7. Light up your candles and enjoy!

It’s lit (literally).


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