Everyday we are faced with multiple struggles and forks along the road, but all in all, its about how we look at it. There is happiness and love hiding in every dark day you have, sometimes we just have to find it.

Here are some simple steps to help you stay calm and cool after one of those immensely stressful days. It is important to always have that "go to" place of peace, that you can turn to at any time of need. My favourite place to be is outside with nature, in a forest away from civilization. That's where I find my inner most peace.

  1. Sit Proud. Bring your shoulders back, head up and sit tall and proud. Imagine as if there was a string from the floor up your spine, through the top of your head to hold you up straight. They key is also to be completely relaxed while sitting tall.
  2. Relax your whole body. I prefer to close my eyes and imagine each part of your body from the ground up. Scanning each body part and feeling them relax on their own will.
  3. Breathe deep. Take in a deep breath until your lungs couldn't hold any more air. Hold that breath in as long as you possibly can. Slowly begin to release that air, the slower the better, feeling the negatives from the day being released. Repeat this three times.
  4. Be still. Be as still as you possibly can. Be aware of your surroundings, all the sounds and feelings. Don't attempt to change anything, just listen and accept what is there, while being still and calm. You can choose a word to repeat for more focus.
  5. Clear your mind. Try to completely blank out your mind. Let your thoughts come to mind and simply set them aside to focus on breathing deep and sitting calmly. If you want to end at a certain time, count the breaths you take and set a number to end your session.
  6. Ending your session. There is no correct way of ending a meditation session, as long as you feel calm and positive by the end, you know you did your job. I prefer to slowly open my eyes, take in your surroundings looking at each object around you. Begin to wiggle your toes and fingers and moving around once again. Take your time and slowly get up from your position.
  7. Practice. Just like anything else, with practicing often, even just 5 min of your day you can achieve great serenity. Meditation is extremely rewarding as you keep practicing as you feel a deeper connection within yourself.
  8. Crystals. Crystals are a great piece to add while meditating. Each stone produces different benefits for all kinds of remedies and guidance for mediation.

Check out the info on Crystal Grids for more healing with crystals, and descriptions of different crystals here!


Published by Mzz Jessy