Happy New Year All!



Easy task, peeling bananas;

Opening up bags of presents,

Simple, done. Though revealing sores –

Really taking plasters away –

Worse than ice down your bescarfed neck.


Tongue has to thaw, flex, loosen up;

Neuron Nick woken up for work.

Business is called for once more

And never so needed as now.

Think, boy, think hard, and speak softly.



There are a lot of occasions where we feel awful about something, and we should tell someone – you know, that one person who you’d hate to let down; you made a promise, it’s shattered, they need to hear it from you. For me it’s this blog. Good site, good opportunity, and I’m wasting it. My fault entirely really. Must buck up my ideas!

I have a plan. “BUT” I hear you cry “Plans are all well and good, it’s the execution that matters.” And you are, of course, correct. It is entirely in the execution and that is all down to myself: my blog; my writing; my time; my discipline; my communication.

In a way I suppose this is my New Years resolution. I’ve not fully stuck to one of those before, but if there’s any time to do it it would be now! What advice would you give me as I seek to best my ill-discipline this year? What ways can I successfully stay on course for my resolution? And what is your NYR?

Best wishes to each one of you.

Published by Andrew Davies