Do you want to de-clutter your home? Or perhaps you are getting ready to move. No matter the situation, you will realize that you need a storage unit. Storage units are an efficient and easily accessible way of storing your many possessions. Here are a few great tips to find the best storage solutions for your needs.

Finding the Right Unit

Investigate websites of storage facilities near you such as storage units Tucson. It’s easy to search the web and find a storage facility within close proximity to your home, which can make transporting your possessions an effortless project. You can Google as it provides information and links about hundreds of storage companies.

Visit the companies and ask about deals and specials for the size of unit you require. Many offer discounted monthly rates for signing up for multiple months or a free month. Other discounts include those from AAA or AARP. Discounted storage unit rates can greatly reduce the long-term pricing of storing your goods, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Make sure you choose the correct size. Don’t pay for more space than you need.

Maximize the Space

Once you have secured your unit, make sure you load up your storage unit in an efficient manner. This will eliminate the need for a larger, more costly space.

Place items that you know you won’t need or won’t need to access in the back of the unit. Items that you might need more frequently should be placed near the front. If you are packing the unit from your house, take those items that won’t be used to first, so they can be placed in the storage unit first.

Place flat items such as pictures, ironing boards, and the like along the walls to save space. This will also ensure that they won’t get broken if other items are placed on top of them.

Don’t place a lot of heavy pieces against the walls. Some storage unit walls may give way against that weight.

When stacking boxes, place heavier boxes on the bottom of the stack, with lighter boxes on top. This will eliminate the potential for damage. Create rows of stacked boxes to save space. Make sure that all the boxes are labeled with their contents. This will help you find items that you may need to retrieve from the unit.

Use odd sized boxes or items, as well as items that are in bags to fill spaces. Furniture can be stacked to save space as well. For instance, place chairs upside down onto a couch and then you can fill the empty spaces with bagged items.

Make sure you keep a small path open so that you have easy access to all parts of your unit.

Renting and loading a storage unit is easy, you just need to keep these simple tips in mind.

Published by Calida Jenkins