I have this love-hate relationship with the phrase "eat clean". For one reason, everyone says it and never actually explains what it means and secondly, "eating clean" means nothing when you consider yourself a "healthy" eater.   In my opinion to eat clean can have so many different definitions depending on the person's perspective & their lifestyle choices. For example, one might advertise to "eat clean" and that first thing that comes to you is "no carbs, no pop, no candy" but to the person speaking to you, it could mean "go paleo" or it could mean "become vegan", etc. You never really know because all we are taught is to eat healthier and yet no one has an answer as to what it means to actually eat healthier. Want to know why? because there is no gold standard to eating "healthy", it's simple; eat in moderation, eat a variety of food groups and drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

Why make this whole eating clean thing, much more complicated then it has to be, and why make it so people don't understand what it means? If eating clean was so easy, then everyone would be doing it! 


This is where I come in and remind you of why I don't believe in this whole "eating clean" lifestyle. Eating clean is a commercialized phrase to catch a person's attention, it reeks of failure, it has no significance and does a poor job of explaining how to eat clean and what makes certain foods more clean than others. "Eating clean" becomes a fad, defines a standard that everyone should compare to and is only said to symbolize eating healthy, which again is another phrase that goes nowhere fast when someone doesn't know what is considered "healthy" eating. So, there you have it, my reason for why I don't believe in this whole "eating clean"; although nice try in trying to reel me in while you had the chance! Now want to know what I call someone who makes lifelong healthy decisions for their body? I call it "permanent changes that fit you" because no matter what you eat, whether you are no gluten, paleo, vegan, etc. you are choosing to make a permanent change to your life. You have chosen to follow a certain lifestyle change that makes you happy AND this lifestyle change should be permanent. For example it doesn't count if for only a week you went vegetarian and then decided after that to go paleo and then after that you decided no carbs and after that you decided IIFYM. That is NOT  permanent change. That is changing with the seasons (changing because you cannot make those habits a permanent change, so you change them when you get bored or fail). 



  • find something that works for you (vegan, veg, paleo, low carb, no carb, IIFYM, etc)
  • research it
  • find out what your exercise routine is
  • will this eating lifestyle fit your exercise routine?
  • will you be able to sustain it and maintain it for the long term
  • can you afford this lifestyle?
  • will it bring you results?

These are some questions to ask yourself, once you can answer all these questions.. it will no longer be about "eating clean" but it will be about permanent changes for you. 


Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo







Published by Shay-Lon Moss