Have you ever had a day somewhere in your life where you convince yourself that you're going to start eating healthy? Yeah... we've all been there.

The day this video was shot, I had my new lip piercings, snakebites and an extra to create sharkbites as well as a little skew labret, so naturally it hurt to eat anything solid for quite a while. Unfortunately I still only have my snakebites (on the left side) left since I made a deal with my aunt that forced me to remove them.

This is how the idea for the video came to mind, because of the soreness of eating, I decided that once my piercings were healed, I was only going to eat healthy - added to the fact that my bottom lip was a bit swollen from three new metallic bars forcing the skin apart.

Because of the lack of time, this video was meant to be similar to a vine, but failed epically at that since it was just a bit too long. I should probably stop rambling about irrelevant nonsense, shouldn't I? Pretty much, but hey, interesting fact: piercings hurt bro! Though can't wait to get them back one day and make sure that the labret is in the right place.

Here we compare apples to chocolate, water to soda.

Enjoy the not healthyness of this video! And remember, no matter what your body type looks like, don't let society pressure you into what you should look like, a'ight?

All products used in this video weren't sponsored and I claim no ownership of any of them! Just the video...

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Published by Fang Wolfsbane